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    ANother newbie – didn’t know this existed – what a brilliant idea and I for one will be sharing all my information, as we’re a dying species, so we’ve got to look after each other.

    Anyhow, my problem. About 4 years ago, switched to EDF on a E10 down in Devon (Dartmoor) – was about 18p peak, 6p off, 22 standing. Over the past few years, they’ve ratched it up – then only now offer Standard Variable (they don’t love us E10’ers). So, today, I’m paying 27.56 peak, 9 p off, 24 p standing.

    I don’t know where to go to – obvious there’s no choice with EDF – any ideas, down this neck of the woods (Dartmoor) any decent suppliers with prices that don’t make me wince every time my wife use peak!

    Thanks gents.



    Hi Neil,
    Check this website for different suppliers for E10. it will give you a list. I give you some names as well. Ring them up for a quotation. 27.5 pence is just too high. Some e10 suppliers are:
    1- Our Power, contact no 08081893085
    2- I supply energy: 03302020373
    3- good energy: 08002540004
    4- together energy
    5- green energy Uk: 01920486156
    There are few more as well but check these ones first. Hope that helps. Do update on the outcome.
    Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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