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    As far as we know, EDF still supports Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    Hi there,

    I have an economy ten meter, but unfortunately the meter clock doesn’t change when the clocks go forward in summer time (i.e. it doesn’t go forward an hour in march). I spoke to EDF about it when I first signed up to economy ten in December last year, and they were vague about whether the clock would change (they didn’t know), and now a few months into summer I have checked and the clock didn’t change (although my hot water use etc moved to summer hours as our boiler clock changes automatically). They are refusing to refund me the amount I have overpaid because the meter clock didn’t update, and they are also claiming that it is not possible to get an economy ten that automatically changes its clock in winter and summer in London (and they refuse to change it manually either). Does anyone know if it is, and have any experience of this?




    OCT 2015: EDF have agreed to fit an E10 meter in place of the E7 which, with my horribly old storage units will not provide any degree of comfort. I am looking for the best tariff to suit the hours provided on the meter as EDF only do “Standard Variable Tariff”… []


    I tried to move to EDF last year. I was informed that they don’t except economy 10 metres.


    EDF agreed to change (re-programme) our meter to E10 in October 2015; ask to speak to the “Complex Metering” team.
    Ours is a single meter with 2 readings: all of the power is cheap in the designated hours and we use inexpensive timers to turn things on and off inside the cheap-hourly periods; the hot water need nothing like 10 hours of saw-tooth on/off heating to be of usable temperature (for example)…


    Hi Kate, I have just moved into a new McCarthy and Stone Flat, and talking to another resident it appears the Meter does stay set to GMT and remains on that during Summer, you have two options as I see it ..

    1 Alter your Heating and Water Time Clock when the change occurs back to GMT because this clock adjusts itself for BST, this puts you in Sync with the Meter, or ….

    2 Leave the Heating and Water clock time, and set the Water and Heating times to come on 1 hour later in the Summer for each period you have set, unfortunately you lose an hour on each period doing this, so may not be enough for your needs.

    I think I will just change the Timer on H/W to GMT next month it may be easier,

    Hope this helps Brian


    I have lived in my flat with economy 7 meter for a few years. The problem with daylight savings is that although we change time, our meters don’t. Meaning you have to change you habits to either a hour ahead or back to put the washing on for a cheap rate. The meter always remains on its time. A easy way of testing exactly – turn on your storage heaters before the time you think they should come on ( mines is 10;30pm in winter and 11;30pm in Summer) and note exactly what time the light on the switch by the heater comes on- then you have your exact time you are on cheap electric and use all you machines then. I hoover then, shower before 8;30am when it switches off. I put a post it note in a predominate place to remind me now what the time is instead of sitting my the heater switch.


    Hi Mark,
    Your E10 website is informative and excellent, thank you.
    I have been on E10 in the Southern Electricity Region (20) for just over 12 months supplied by EDF. [] Have today ( 23-Jan-2017) received a letter from EDF advising that the current pricing will cease on 28-Feb-2017 and new EDF Standard Variable (Direct Debit) prices will be effective from 01-Mar-2017 []. This will be an 11% increase on the off-peak rate.
    But as I had three months of hassle when I swapped from an arguably uncooperative SSE (Southern Electricity) to EDF just over 15 months ago, I am going to swallow this increase (as the new off-peak rate is still less than the SSE off-peak rate of 7.75p that I switched away from some 15 months ago).
    The above EDF E10 pricing is provided for your info.
    Ian T.


    EDF do not support Economy 10. “Effective a week ago”. They cannot supply Economy 7 into the foreseeable future!! Spoke to them this morning 13 November 2018.
    “The electricity business has been cut back so much that this cannot be supported”, complex metering team at EDF Energy.


    I spoke to EDF this afternoon (06 Dec 18) and was given current pricing for E10 from the Complex Metering Team which was better than my current supplier (SWALEC/SSE). Approx saving = £250 pa. They confirmed off peak 10 hours and said it is not E7 on an E10 meter.

    Thank you for this hugely informative site. I cannot believe I have never come across it before having searched E10 numerous times in trying to sort out my many issues over the last 15 years!


    EDF energy continue to provide support for E10 meters, I spoke to them today and with the price cap were only £24 more for me than the cheapest E7 provider accepting e10 customers, and with the reassurance of full e10 support I am switching to them. As mentioned by Mark and others you should speak to the complex meter team if you require a quote,they have a new number 0333 009 6980. Please share your experiences.



    I have been with EDF for 3 yrs but after some building work last year, effectively doubling the size of our house, our electric bill is currently crazy.
    All summer is was great under £300 for 6 months use, worked really well, however since the 1/11/18 we are burning £100 per week, just did another reading and for the last 4.5 weeks just over £500!!!

    Here are my figures:
    warmwise heating; £11 (11/12-16/1)
    Day:£267 (11-31/18) plus £38.96 (1-16/Jan)
    EWE: £32 (11-31/18) PLUS £153 (1-16 Jan)
    Night: £7 (11-31/18) plus £4 (1-16 Jan)

    So I believe that we are hardly using and heating only 5 of 10 storage heaters are in use.
    Why is there such a discrepancy before and after xmas, nothing changed at home, we both work.
    We always put on appliances to come on either at night or during the 2 hour afternoon period (although Im thinking the afternoon period could be the issue). EDF wont state exactly when you get your cheap rate, but when we bought the house we were informed when the light goes on, cheap electric time:) so we often set washing etc at this time.

    Any thoughts ideas on what is causing this and how to find the cheapest energy company as all companies seem to say yes but can only offer economy 7!!

    Last thought, I installed at xmas at timer for the hot water tank, we found that one of the tank elements wasn’t working, being replaced today, but the timer comes on 12-6am and 2-4 pm for hot water.

    Thanks any/all advice is greatly appreciated.


    Dear jre1uk

    For an Ec10 meter what you’ve posted above looks very wrong. It’s readings you need to post NOT costs. I’ve no idea what EWE means, can you please specify.
    It sounds as if you’re on some kind of triple rate meter, not dissimilar to the S3 meters (nick-named NID meters) we have on my Estate in Merseyside (only 1 of 3 places in the entire UK to have them, so very obscure.)
    NID stands for how the reading appear on our statements/bills, as follows:
    N = Night rates, I = Intermediate rates, and D = Day rates.
    Both the N & I rates are off-peak, with the N rates the lowest cost ones, and the I rates a wee bit more than the N rates. The D rates are peak and by far the most expensive.
    This meter has been restricted from at least 2008, meaning no new customers can have them. What I’ve found is that Scottish Power (the only company that has this very obscure meter) have been transposing the readings for the different rates.
    In other words, SP have placed the N readings (nearly always the highest reading) under the D section, and charging the N units used at D rates (peak rates.) Conversely, they’ve charged the D units used (always the lowest used) at the lowest N rate. This ‘mistake’ massively increases a customer’s bill, especially in winter when those monster gobbler of off-peck leccy, the storage radiators, are used. I’ve managed to get rebates varying from £360 to £3,100 for various tenants on my estate (on a purely voluntary basis, for free in my own time) from Scottish Power by pointing out this mistake.

    Perhaps EDF has done something similar to your billing?

    It’s easy enough to check. Simply take readings (double checking that you’ve got them in the right order yourself) and check what those readings appear under on your latest bill. If EDF have been doing this to you for some time then it will show up. If EDF have only started doing it recently (assuming that they are in the first place) then it may not show up on your last bill. In which case ring them up with your latest readings and ask them to send you out a bill. It’s your right to demand an up-to-date bill at any time, so don’t be fobbed off by some operative informing you that you’ll have to wait till so-and-so date.
    Once that up-to-date bill turns up, check that the readings you took are being charged for correctly. IF they have transposed your rate don’t waste any time simply ringing them up; you’ll get nowhere fast that way.
    Snail mail, or email them, with your complaint and ask for this miss-billing to be corrected ASAP. Also demand statements going back as far as you’ve been with them, so you can find out when this problem actually started. I’ve learned to include photos taken on my mobile phone, clearly showing the readings, what rate (N or D, usually shown on the meter as a number next to the reading itself) and the meter’s identification number. There’s no arguing with me then that I’ve made a mistake, not with such proof as photos!

    This transposing of rates is not restricted to NID meters. Not all the tenants on my estate have NID meters; many have Twin Heat A or Ec 7 ones instead. So far I’ve come across 4 power companies who’ve transposed rates on Twin Heat A/Ec 7 meters: Eon, Npower, the Co-op and Scottish Power(again!)

    This transposing of rates is a lot more common than people imagine, so if I were you I’d check that EDF haven’t done this to you ASAP.




    Hi. I am currently with EON with an EnergyPlan variable tariff and my meter was recently switched to a SMETS1 smart meter supporting economy 10. The meter maintains two readings: rate 1 and rate 4. I entered my next year’s estimates into Uswitch, which suggested a switch to EDF Energy to save about £360 a year. So I accepted.

    EDF has since contacted me because Uswitch for some reason was comparing Economy 7 tariffs rather than Economy 10. Nevertheless, the potential saving was still about £250 when we went through it. I rang back to accept the quote only to be told by someone who claimed to be the leader of the complex meter team that if I switched I would end up on a uniform tariff because the smart meter would not only lose its smart functionality but also its complex meter functionality.

    I find this quite confusing because I understood that the meter itself handles the economy 10 complexity and allocation of electricity usage to each rate based on the time. That is, the tariff just computes the cost based on the supplied rate 1 and rate 4 values. I completely understand that I would need to submit manual meter readings again because of the SMETS1 limitation. Have I been fed a story to discourage the transfer for some reason?


    I just spoke to Andy in the complex metering team at EDF and was informed that EDF no longer install Economy 10 meters. I was told that if I switched to Economy 10 with my current provider, they’d be able to accept me.

    When I asked for current Economy 10 pricing, the call dropped. It’s not unknown for my mobile to drop calls, so I can’t say for sure whether it was bad timing, or the agent hung up on me.

    So, I think it’s fair to say the “full support” tag for EDF needs to be removed.


    Email to collaborate the previous entry:

    “Good morning Dave,
    We are currently not installing Economy 10 meters. As far as we are aware this decision is permanent.

    Kind regards
    Martin House
    Customer Service Advisor
    Complex Metering Registrations


    I’m confused because I’m with EDF and my 4 readings, 2 MPAN complex meter stopped working and EDF have fitted a replacement on 30/12/19. I am on the Standard Variable Warmwise tariff. Are EDF about to drop this tariff and stop Economy 12 type tariffs?


    EDF has previously advised me they will continue to support existing complex meters at this time but will not install any new meters, the did advise that the teleswitch is due to be switched off in the future for multi rate meters and they have not decided what they will do after this.

    Graham Dalby

    Hi. I’ve just found this site and forum. Much needed, I think, as the E10 tariff can be so confusing, and in my mother’s case, a nightmare as she’s seen her monthly payments go up from £90 a month to over £200 a month without any change in use. She did get a replacement storage heater from Creda which, as far as I can see, is configured for the E10 times, and is wired with two separate supplies (heat and normal). I suspect that somehow, it’s still using peak rate electricity, but oddly, the peak rate usage was high in the summer even though the heaters were switched off. Monitoring what’s going on is tricky as the meter is mounted too high for my mother to read it, and as it’s an old, 3 rate meter, it only reads in whole kWh, and has no way to see the current kW usage. Many of the people in neighbouring flats have changed to E7 and report much lower bills, but in theory, E10 should be cheaper, and also, to go over to E7, she’d need to have timer switches added to the storage heaters that are currently wired directly into the Heat circuit.

    I’m sure E10 can still be cheapest, when everything works correctly, but her experience is that when bills suddenly go through the roof, it can be very difficult to work out why.


    I’m currently with EDF on a 3 rate economy 10 meter. One rate is for my heating, at tariff renewal EDF informed me that they now only offer a standard tariff on this meter type. This has caused my bill to increase.

    Not happy with EDF they’re currently sitting on a credit balance of nearly £400 and want to bill me another £480 over the next 6 months to arrive at a figure of around £880 in their pocket but my last bill (last month) was only £220. I know bills are expected to increase but 4 times the amount?!

    Asked for a refund of part of it but they are refusing. Awful company I thought Scottish Power were bad. It seems there are no reputable companies out there for Economy 10 customers.


    I believe that Steve P might be confusing a couple of items here. Economy 10 has two rates for charging, not three and yes you will be on the Standard Variable Tariff. This tariff is protected by the government scheme for setting the maximum prices that can be charged. There are three periods of ‘off peak’ during twenty four hours.
    Hope this helps.

    Nick Bundy

    I’m a little confused by Paul’s assumption an Economy 10 customer will be on a standard tariff. Isn’t Economy 10 is supposed to be on a tariff where the afternoon and overnight rates are considerably lower than the day rate, similar to Economy 7?


    Hi Nick,
    Please don’t shoot the messenger! Believe me I have contacted EDF to ask to be put on a cheaper tariff, but I am told the only one for E10 is the Standard variable tariff. I am on a cheaper rate for the ‘Off Peak’ ten hours at around 12p per unit compared to the 30p for peak.
    I hope this helps.

    Nick Bundy

    That’s a much better deal than I’ve been able to secure – they won’t differentiate at all for me and are charging the full rate for all units. Thanks for the info – I’ll try them again !!


    I’m on this with EON:
    Day 23.781p per kWh Night 15.097p per kWh
    Standing charge 23.853p per day
    For a multi-rate meter, which I believe is still E10. It’s EON EnergyPlan which is just SVR as far as I can tell. Note my comment of 2 years ago when I tried to switch to EDF.

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