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    As far as we know, E.On does not support Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    Great site, thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to the update.
    After a faulty oil tank and much agonising, we had an expensive Thermaflow wet electric heating system with water storage installed last July. E.on converted our meter to E10.
    We are paying 16.89p peak and 7.91p off peak. I am monitoring the results very carefully and it looks as if we will save around 20% on our total fuel bill if we are disciplined with timings.
    So far E.on have been very helpful (although not the cheapest) and the billing is accurate and well explained. We will review the situation when we have a full year’s experience.


    I live in a large development of apartments in Hertfordshire- built around 2000 and with no gas. All the 140 apartments were on E10 and recently EON advised us that we would need new meters as the time signal (from BBC) would no longer be available. I was an early adopter and my only problem was that EON swapped the rates and charged me the high rate for the 10hr time slots and vice versa! (It took three months to sort this out but eventually I received a refund plus compensation payments.) As a member of the voluntary management board I advised others to get the meter change done as soon as possible because now ALL the power used during the time slots was at the lower rate instead of just heating and hot water as previously. EON now started telling customers that E10 was no longer available and that they would have to accept E7! In some cases they just changed the meters without telling the customers what they had done!! Once again I became involved and it wasn’t until I escalated the complaint past the usual call centre people that I received an apology from EON and everyone eventually got the newer type E10 meters along with refunds! It seems to me that many people are paying more than they should be just because they are reluctant to stand their ground against these huge companies!


    Hi Brian
    You will find that you have a contactor switching supply between the meters..
    I have been looking into tariffs,, i am already on e10 with EDF.. and have found that i can save £236 by go to a 24/7 rate with gb energy supply . that is with a 70% off peak useage .
    thats using the comparison site ..
    Also e10 is being phased out ,so there only a few companies still do this,,/
    I am an electrician , have spoken to suppliers ,, and try and recoomend to clients the best deals..and am not totally certain of the benefits of e10..
    00:00 – 05:00 off peak
    05:00 – 13:00 peak
    13:00 – 16:00 off peak
    16:00 – 20:00 peak
    20:00 – 22:00 off peak
    22:00 – 00:00 peak

    I hope this of help.

    good luck


    I own two flats in a large Hertfordshire development (140 units) They were built in 2001 with no gas and all heating and hot water connected via the older style E10 meters with a separate heating/hot water circuit. In the last year or so EON announced that they would be replacing the meters which sounded good as the new meters would register the LOW rate for all consumption during the ten hours. (Previously only the night segment was ALL on the low rate) I had one of my meters changed which was fine and then my tenants had theirs changed- unknowingly to E7! EON then started telling people that E10 was ceasing and everyone would have to have E7. As the building was designed around E10 some of us “kicked up a fuss” and then EON backed down and even replaced the E7 meters with reprogrammed E10 meters. I now have one unit still with EON and the other with OVO. (OVO charge a slightly higher standing charge but their kWh rates are better.) I’ll decide after a few months which company to switch over to for both units. (Although the heating and hot water are OK on E7 , other high consumption devices such as washing machines, clothes washers and dryers cannot be run in the middle of the night for noise reasons so end up running on the DAY rate with E7)


    Definitely sold on E10 and will be upset if it disappears…. Now May and water heating is now 1 hour and 45 minutes per day. Washing machine etc. can be used from 2-5pm (or 9-11pm but that’s rather late in the day) the other cheap period is 1-6 am if you get up early. We have so much more control than the block 7-hour E7 period that it has made a good and worthy difference…


    EON does have an E10 tariff (but possibly only if you have no gas like me)

    The tariff is called “Electrical Heating Economy 10”

    Day 16.989p per kWh
    Night 8.684p per kWh
    Standing charge 92 days at 16.422p per day or £33.36 per year.


    Eon has taken on our resident building (40 apartments) almost completely with their E 10 tariff. (S/c 16.42, 8.3 and 17.4) but we have problems initially getting them to recognise the building existed! WE are waiting to see what consumption will be normal.


    Hi thanks for the update. I have had EOn confirm on a number of occasions that they aren’t taking on new E10 accounts (written and verbally), I wonder if they made an exception because of the large number of meters? Is it a new supply, and was it the residential team you dealt with? I’m always keen to try and unpick the inconsistencies in messaging that the big companies give out!


    Eon insisted that my meter needed to be changed by law as it was over 30 years old ( this was last September) I had been on E7 for as long as I can remember. When the engineer came to fit the new meter he told me it was a 3 way switch giving me 3 periods of low tariff a day. I asked him if it would increase my tariff and after 45 minutes on his phone speaking to various people, the answer was no, I then gave him the go ahead. All went well until last month when Eon wrote to me saying that I was on the wrong tariff and they are switching me to E10 at about 1.5p per unit increase on the low tariff on Dec23rd. I spoke the one of the dispute mangers today who informed me that E7 has been removed and that E10 is to be phased out too and that they are going to move me to a single tariff. So, they forced me to have a new meter, promised that the tariff would stay the same and now want to charge a single tariff. My heating is storage heaters and we have no gas in my area. Any idea of a better option?? (Peak rate is 17.898p and off peak 8.635p…sc 25p cir (They didn’t say what the single tariff would be, as they are keeping me on the new E10 tariff for the time being.)


    Are Heatwise and Warmwise tariffs the same? I am on the latter. If they are not the same, does anyone know whether Warmwise is the same as Tariff 10?
    Thank you!



    From E.ON: “Heatwise tariffs were offered by E.ON to customers in the East Midlands region. Like Economy 7 or Economy 10 energy plan, the Heatwise plan was designed to take advantage of cheaper electricity offered at certain times of the day. Heatwise meters work in conjunction with a storage heater in electricity-only homes. They switch on late at night and early in the morning, when demand for electricity is low.”

    “Heatwise meters therefore require you to have a storage heater in your home.”

    “The Heatwise plan was renamed by E.ON on the 18 January 2013, and is now known as the E.ON EnergyPlan. E.ON says that the name change in no way has changed the nature of the plan, but the structure of the tiered-rate system has changed the way your usage is calculated.”

    If you’re with E.ON and live in the East Midlands, and you have two different supply numbers on your bill, you possibly had HeatWise (aka EnergyPlan). You’ll probably be paying two standing charges.

    Hope that helps!

    Cheers, Mark.


    The specifics of Economy 10 tariffs depend on the supplier. You should be aware that the definition given, ie “E10 gives ten hours of off-peak electricity across the day” only applies to your heating circuit if your supplier is Eon and you have something called an RHT meter or a three rate meter.
    We had always assumed that E10 gave us cheap rate electricity across all appliances for the stated 10 hours but, by carefully monitoring our meters and bills, found that in fact it was only available to all appliances while the Night Rate (in our case Rate 3) applied during the 5 hours between 2.30 and 5.30am.


    Not sure if you have already switched, but I would suggest getting a new E10 meter fitted by any company able to do this for free with no early exit fees (EDF come to mind)…then later going with the cheapest E10 supplier in the updated list on this website (who are able to supply an E10/E7 tariff to an already-existing economy 10 meter). You will have to wait until your new meter serial number appears on the national database, then are free to switch to a cheaper tariff elsewhere (in the meantime you can call the supplier and ask them to check if your new meter’s serial (mpan) number is updated on the national database).

    Angie and Horatiog, it would be interested to hear if you’ve made any progress recently? I am still waiting(!) for EDF to change my meter to economy 10. They have had problems recently with their subcontractor in the north (G4S – ‘resource issues’) who installs the new meters on their behalf. G4S have cancelled 4 appointments to date. However I have only positive things to say about EDF. I am referred to their customer solutions (complaints) team who are monitoring the situation my behalf. They have paid me £30 compensation for each missed appointment plus an extra £30 (£150 so far) and at the point the meter is installed will calculate any extra spend up until that point based on having to wait, and refund the difference against their average E10 rates for my appartment size of £40-50/month. So in a nutshell they have promised that anything I spend above that from 3rd December-20th(+) January will be refunded. Based on this I’m almost glad it happened!

    So, assuming EDF get their issues with the subcontrator sorted out (which they assure me is in the pipeline), I would highly recommend them as a company to provide an E10 meter switch. Based on customer service (and not price) I find them excellent even despite the installation problems. But once the meter is installed it is possible to remain with them or switch again to the cheapest supplier.


    Thank you Andrew, the meter is the latest E10 type supplied and fitted new by e-on in October 2015. As I pay quarterly in arrears and the increase is only one penny per unit on the low tariff only, I would rather stick with e-on but shall be watching my March 2017 invoice to see if they have kept their word and not put me on a single tariff. Many of my neighbours have switched in the past and now find they are paying more each year than if they had stayed put. If e-on have moved me to a single tariff, I shall switch for sure.


    Why is Eon not listed on the comparison chart?


    I agree, EON can supply however I would not recommend them. They told me that they were going to convert all E10 users back to E7 and when I threatened legal action (my all-electric flats would not survive on only E7) they backed down and left E10 in place. They had even converted one of my rented flats to E7 without advising me or the tenants! (They returned and re-fitted an E10 meter) I had so many problems with EON that eventually I shifted to OVO- but only after EON had re-instated E10 meters at the affected properties! I have found OVO a completely different company to deal with– a vast improvement.


    It was only recently that I discovered that the reason I was unable to leave Eon (with whom this property has been connected since Eastern Electricity days) was the way the account had been set up, with no reference to us. It was a very helpful guy from SSE who set the ball rolling and we have now managed to get a conventional E10 meter fitted which will enable us change suppliers.

    We previously had a three rate meter which Eon replaced with a 2 rate, E7 meter plus an RHT (restricted hours tariff) meter which they have admitted should never have been fitted. During this time we only benefited from ‘cheap-rate’ electricity for all appliances during five hours, between 2.30 and 7.30 am. The ten hours advertised only applies to the heating circuit which supplies storage heaters and immersion heater.

    It took me two years to clarify this and I have been appslled at the lack of knowledge displayed by customer service, but this was not purely an Eon problem. Ovo assured me that they could supply, took all the details and then totally ignored us. SSe did much the same but I pursued another problem we were having regarding FIT payments and it was that specialist who worked it out. Most companies simply said they did not cover this area and I have not had the time, yet, to pursue this now that I have had the meter changed.

    I have had an apology and some compensation for the misinformation I was given but am monitoring the new meter to compare with previous years because I feel I have been overcharged over a number of years. Surely E10 should give me ten hours of ‘cheap’ electricity not a bit here and a bit there on various appliances?

    Pat Mills


    Hi Mark, I think e.on only do economy 10 prepayment now, looking at all their tariffs [], I was with them with a normal meter from June 2016 but left them as they messed up my meter exchange(they installed e7 and took them 3 new metersto get it right), I always asked to be put through to complex metering as normal customer services were hopeless and always denied they supported e10. I’m with edf and have no issues as I have the complex meters team direct number who personally I’ve found always helpful.


    E-on happliy put us an E10 meter in as recently as September. We’re paying, fixed till Sept 2018 []


    I have parents in a central Scotland (all electric) retirement property with an E.ON supplied smart meter.
    They have been offered E.ON EnergyPlan from April 26th []

    No other options available to them as they have an Economy 10 meter and E.ON do not have any tariffs for that except the flat rate (high tariff). Apparently E.ON wrote to users last year but my parents only moved in last month.

    So hobsons choice or what to do?


    Nick, thanks for all your updates. Would you mind popping the details of your current prices into this web-form? I’m trying to collate as many quotes & prices as possible, to make the next price update more comprehensive:


    Thanks! Mark


    Thank You Mark for all your hard work on this – I need to go through it all carefully, on behalf of my mother who may well be switching suppliers as she has just received a letter from Eon, who appear to be ending her current tariff (Electrical Heating Economy 10 []) . They have written to tell her that unless she has a new smart meter fitted, they will put her on to a standard variable rate with the Eon Energy Plan []. They admit that for the average household, this will increase their bills by £293 per year. So much for the installation of Smart meters being voluntary!


    Yes please look through the site and post any queries here in the comments.

    It’s worth noting that the supplier may be obliged to offer you a smart meter, but you’re under no obligation to accept it. You can request a standard meter if you want it.

    Cheers, Mark.


    Kate, I have now received the exact same letter today, I “must” take the new smart meter from eOn, or my billing will be changed, and will be a £240 increase on my energy usage.
    Did you find a new supplier?
    I am now looking, as I need this sorted out soon

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