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    Thanks for producing this valuable source of information. Please would you explain if all Economy 7 & 10 meters are open / suitable for future supplier-switching ?

    Besides an “E.ON Energy Plan” tariff [], my Mum has 2 storage radiators on an 11 hour E.ON tariff called “Electrical heating RHT” [].
    EON have written to her to say they are “closing” the 11 hour tariff and moving her onto E.ON Energy Plan.Their forecast for her energy cost indicates an increase from £1440 to £2148 !
    They are offering free-meter options of either Economy 7 or Economy 10. If she opts for either of these, should she be able to switch supplier at last (!) once the meter is fitted, without any further meter compatability issues ?


    I have been given the current eOn prices today (30/06/2017) I will add them to your database for you, thanks


    I am at present going going through the process of looking for cheaper sites that do Economy 10, as EON has threatened to close my Heatwise Energy 6, which in effect is E10, the threat is that they can no longer support my existing meter and press that I have to have a new Smart meter and go E10, if I do not agree to this they will automaticaly put me on a single tarrif. The cost of going to a Smart meter and E10 will put up my annual electricity bill by £271 which equates to £5.21/week, as I am a pensioner I will find this weekly extra cost a struggle, I am at a lost as to whom I can turn to for help, as I am unsure as what EON are doing is legal, can Ofgen help on this matter ? I am in the East Midlands and not to sure what that region comes under.


    Hi David, do you have one meter with two rates at present or are they seperate and have eon confirmed they will support your current tariff on a smart meter and remain on e10 or would they switch you to a single tariff anyway? Suppliers are required to offer all customers a smart meter by 2020 but you are not required to accept it if you don’t want one(this is what ofgem has said)With regards to is it legal to stop offering a tariff, it probably is as long as they advise you and they offer you alternatives and I’m sure it will be in your t&cs of contract somewhere, you could speak to citizens advice for advise on that.


    Sorry David, I have read your post again, I may have jumped the gun in my reply, if you are looking for advise on a e10 provider to switch to we can give a rough guide if you provide your off peak/peak usage either in kwh or as a % and the first part of your post code to identify your region, you mentioned you are a pensioner you may also be entitled to the warm home discount, are you currently receiving this?, if you wanted more in depth advise re your choices your best bet may be citizens advice


    No reason why not. E-ON put us an E10 meter in last year – they’re pretty basic devices – two readouts and a timer, there’s nothing that links it to the supplier, unlike smart meters.

    But how are your Mum’s electrics installed? Are the heaters on a separate circuit switched connected to a separate meter? Or is there one meter and the heaters contolled by their own timers.


    I agree with Nick, there may be complexity due to it being an old installation, but I will comment on the very high cost at moment, I am all electric on E10 and first year is looking like £500 why is it so high ..


    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, the heaters are on a separate circuit switched through a timer and a separate meter. Once a new meter is installed, there will be enough space to connect it’s timed output to the 2 way double pole isolator switch/ fusebox that feeds the two storage rads and hopefully, it will be possible to connect the deep element of the immersion heater to this supply, also, again via a similar isolator/fusebox to provide a supply to the hot water timer for 1-2 hours every night. We have an electrician to help with this. I was most worried that EON’s new meter may not be compatible with other suppliers to which we may want to switch in future.


    Thanks for your response.
    Mum’s actual annual usage based on the last 2.5 years s :
    On peak 24 hr : 6550kWh
    Off peak 11 hr: 6229kWh (2 large Storage Radiators, which are used 8 months each year.
    Probably (?) because its a largish, 3 bed, 3 living room, 1950 dormer bungalow with cavity wall insulation, full-double glazing and loft insulation 100 /120mm loft insulation.


    I understand your concern, we just moved to a new complex which is all electric and has Eon E10 meters fitted, they have two readings and I changed to EDF no problem, it’s also possible with some smaller company’s to just give the total usage reading that is E10 + none E10 and they charge on a tariff like a single meter, so flexibility is improved on choice.


    I am 1 bed McCarthy and Stone apartment extreme ly well insulated, and mix is 33% on peak, 66% off peak, temp never dropped below 18c last winter, not storage heater, just one 1.5kw wall radiator, it’s a modern ceramic German made, I love it, and I used to feel the cold in my house before our move.


    I would suggest you rearrange your Mum’s electrics so everything comes from the one supply, rather than any switching arrangement and separate circuits. Then simply control the radiators and immersion heater using timers to match the off-peak periods programmed into the meter. Your mum can then save a little by doing things like putting the washing machine on in the afternoon, use an electic fire for evening comfort, and of course everything that is running all the time will benefit from the off-peak rate ten hours a day.


    Thanks, Nick. Although I have had a good look around the Economy10 website, I think that I have not understood the connectivity and operation of an E10 meter. I’ll investigate further. Certainly, if all electricity used during the off peak time, is at the lower rate, then I can connect up tmed devices and use other appliances to best advantage.


    We had a two meter E10 supply through Eon, (I won’t bore you with the details!) and found it impossible to change suppliers as we had 2 Mpan numbers. We eventually managed to persuade Eon to give us a new Single supply E10 meter and promptly switched to OVO without any problems.


    I would say that all our heating is on timers and I find that two hours a day is adequate for our hot water needs during the day. We don’t have a bath, so that gives us a couple of showers and general domestic chores. If we need extra hot water, we have a boost button on the immersion heater timer which I can use during the afternoon off/peak hours. This has produced considerable savings on our previous system where the immersion heater was on constantly during off/peak hours.

    I use my dishwasher and washing machine overnight but think it safer to use my tumble dryer, if necessary, during the afternoon boost. We rarely need to augment the storage heaters because E10 gives us the afternoon boost and then comes back late evening but we do have a fan assisted heater for when the temperature drops suddenly.

    We used to run a wood-burner but my husband’s failing health caused us to have a re-think so it is difficult to compare costs but it is nice to always wake up to a warm house and a tank full of hot water. We used to have an electric power shower, some 9KW which was never really used off/peak so that is a considerable saving.

    I would also say that on our Eon E10 tariff, one of our meters was an RHT meter. It took me two years firstly to establish what that implied and secondly to find someone in Eon who understood what it meant for my off-peak usage. Basically, an RHT (Restricted Hours Tariff) supplied heating appliances only, so while we got ten hours of reduced rate electricity on storage heaters and immersion heater, our domestic appliances and additional heating requirements were restricted to five hours between 2am and 7am. This information was passed to me by an SSE sales person when I first tried to change supplier and was refused. It is interesting that when Eon replaced the two meters with a single supply, we now have 10 hours of off-peak electricity over all appliances which is a considerable saving even if you only account for boiling the kettle and watching tv.


    thanks Pat. Noted


    I too am caught in the ‘forced change’ that Eon in carrying out and I’m rather annoyed.

    Currently on Heatwise EnergyPlan 6 [] and am being shoved onto their E10 tariff [].

    They say that the change is because the meters are “old and near the end of their life” and that they are generously offering a Smart Meter as free “upgrade” and that the Smart meter will allow me to save “loads” on my electricity bill.

    Well, for a peak rate going from 13.871 to 19.205, and off-peak from 8.694 to 10.553, that Smart Meter had better be very smart indeed to save that much 😉

    Ringing around, seems that few suppliers are interested.

    Mention “currently with Eon” and they clam up pretty fast. Tell them it’s a Heatwise configuration and they get very confused. Some don’t (apparently) support dedicated heating circuits and it’s just a time-based tariff change and that I’d have to add timers to everything. Some say they ‘can’ support dedicated heating circuits, but at a charge and extra switches/contactors would need to be fitted.

    Confusion seems rife.

    Once again, get the feeling of being “done over” by Eon, especially as they have a specific deadline before they force you into the “no response option” of going on a standard, flat-rate tarrif (stand 16.019, rate of 16.181)

    Anyone any thoughts, pointers, comments????


    My elderly mum has just received the same ultimatum from eon. After an hour and a half phone call we now have the tariff information they should have put in the letter in the first place. We have opted for a new economy 7 meter which means she will be able to transfer to a new supplier at a cheaper tariff once the free meter is fitted. We have established that the required new meter does not have to be a smart meter


    That sounds like a good plan! I will contact them again and find out whether they will fit an economy 10 non-smart meter, as my mother wants to stay on economy 10, and if they will we can switch later with a proper meter in place, which should make switching more straight forward!


    Hey all, for all those receiving letters from eon advising that heatwise tariff is to end. I’m no expert but from looking on google and depending on usage the 2 best options are either economy 7 if your happy to heat water and have storage heaters during the 7 hours overnight or economy 10 which is 0000-0500 1300-1600 and 2000-2200 cheap periods, both of these meter types are available with eon even though some at eon advise they don’t support e10!! Their complex meter team may be the best option to speak to they are more clued up than most frontline customer services advisors, their number is 0800 015 0293, I hope this is useful to someone and good luck to all of you getting things sorted.


    Hi Michael,
    I contacted Eon today, and they are going to replace my mother’s complex meter with a new (non-smart) economy 10 meter. Hopefully when that is in place I can look at switching to a -cheaper provider! One thing I would say – it does require a great deal of patience as you do have to hang on listening to their musak for ages, hopefully it will have been worth it!


    Hi Kate, glad you are on the road to getting sorted even if they tortured you with music first! And yes you will have more options in terms of competition, I’m sure the current prices are eye watering in comparison to others. Pleaae bear in mind it can take up to 4-6 weeks for the national database(ecoes) to be updated with a meter change so wouldn’t be able to change supplier during this time, although it’s much quicker in most cases.


    Thanks Michael, I will bear that in mind. With any luck we should be able to sort it out before the cold weather kicks in again…


    Thx Michael,

    Eon seem determined to put all possible obstacles in front of their customers on this “change”.
    BTW, their phone number is no longer an 0800 number, but 0345 052 0000. A general purpose customer service person will answer you and be essentially clueless.

    They tried to tell me that my only option was an E7 tariff etc etc…
    I asked for the Complex Meter/tariff team and she said there was no such thing at Eon.

    Supervisor next, they knew about the Complex Tariff team, and was then ceremonially dumped to a queue with 16 minutes of muzac…and then the call ended – presumably because they don’t expect people to be waiting that long!! Ah well, I get to do it all over again tomorrow!!


    And so it continues…. Am on hold again, having spent 17 minutes talking to one of the 1st line support people.

    Today, I was told that Economy 10 was being stopped and I had to move to E7 (!).
    I explained about the Eon letter, the chap was totally unaware of it.
    Yes, I HAD to have a smart meter, and NO there was No Complex Meter team at Eon any more.

    More, he explained that the ‘new’ system would not manage the switching circuits that Heatwise controls, meaning that although I would get 7 (/10) hours cheap(er) electricity, then the switching on/off of storage heating and water circuits was outside the capabilities of Eon Economy systems. So I’d have to have installed (at my expense) some timeswitches to synchronise everything.

    Am now on hold for a supervisor who will, undoubtedly, contradict…

    What a bloody fiasco!!

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