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    I’m not surprised at all, if you get no joy I would suggest opening a formal complaint which goes to their dedicated complaints team, I had to do this when eon decided to replace my e10 prepay meter with a e7 standard meter and not e10 as I asked, and me losing the plot with the frontline advisor who was hopeless who said e7 was fine she couldn’t grasp that wet heating doesn’t store the heat like storage heaters, I did get am e10 meter fitted and compensation for the price difference, shame they installed a English e10 meter and not a Scottish one (Scotland has diff e10 times) and in their words that was the best I was going to get, I switched to EDF and had a Scottish meter within 2 weeks with no issues. Anyway I digress, keep pushing for e10 and hopefully you’ll get there in the end and once you have it you can leave them,.and buy lots of paracetamol for the headaches in the meantime !


    Thx for the sanity check, Michael… or the insanity check.

    (am still on the phone to them, btw, that’s 57 minutes and counting…..)

    I cannot believe that Eon are expecting thousands of people (I hesitate to use the word ‘customer’) to get-in an electrician to fit meaty timeswitches to all the storage heaters and HW systems. The cost of all that, across everyone, would be enormous. The obvious danger in this is that people will nip to B&Q and buy a weedy timeclock without realising the huge load taken by a large storage heater

    The new rules at Eon (according to Nathalie in customer support) is that you can no longer speak to a supervisor, and that the only way to get further is to raise a formal complaint, she’d then “type it up” and send it for review, and at some point I would get an adjudication on my complaint.

    Now, that relies on her phrasing my ‘complaint’ in the right way, with enough clarity etc, that it can be properly answered. I doubt that would happen.

    So, I’ve asked her to go and check her information again and am now waiting for her to re-appear with some more information… whether it’ll be right or wrong, good or bad… only time will tell!!


    I wouldn’t worry too much what she writes Andrew , although she should read it back to you, the complaints advisor will contact you to discuss your complaint, they won’t make a decision without speaking to you first. Your on the right path it’s maybe just a bit trickier than it really should be to get the right resolution.


    Seems that just getting accurate information is a challenge.
    Have now spoken to 4 different people over the last week and got 4 very different sets of information. That’s 3 hours and 45 minutes of my life I’ll not get back!!

    This just should not happen, especially after Eon are forcing the change on its customers, you’d have hoped that they would have proper information available for the support staff.

    Let’s see if I get a call/email/letter from the complaints people.
    I suspect I won’t…


    I agree 100%, you shouldn’t have to work this hard to get them to sort this, having a dedicated number for these customers would have been the right thing to do who can give accurate advise and as you say this is a change they are implementing not customers. Eon now have 8 weeks to resolve your complaint after this you can go to ombudsman services energy for a resolution which eon are obliged to accept, please keep a note of all contact with them so you can provide this to the ombudsman as evidence of your attempts to resolve, it is in eons interest to resolve this before this happens as they pay an investigation fee to the ombudsman service for each case they take on, don’t worry it is free to the customer, the fee is meant to be an incentive for companies to resolve complaints in house. My opinion of eon has changed since moving to my new property with e10, I was a customer with them on e7 previously for years and thought they were great, back then the advisor handled your complaint from start to finish and would speak to anyone else needed to resolve the issue and phone you. Seems they aren’t living up to their slogan “putting our customers first… we’re on it” I guess that isn’t financially viable for them a bit like your meter! (gets off soapbox) keep us posted on how you get on and good luck


    Thx… I wait with baited breath to see what’s going to happen… but with little expectation.


    I find this very strange,as I have been on the Eon Heatwise Tariff (not Eon Electrical Heating Economy 10 ) for more years than I care to remember. I also had a letter around the same time (late June 2017) telling me that the Eon Heatwise tariff is ending and if I did not book for a meter change before 4th August 2017,I would also be placed on their standard rate tariff.I currently have a 5 rate meter,which is being removed.They have said that I have a choice of a E7 meter or their E10 meter with their dedicated E10 tariff. I have chosen this E10 meter and dedicated E10 tariff (which is being fitted today,so watch this space).I have not been given any pricing details on their E10 dedicated tariff but will let you know as soon as I do. When I rang them to book this forced meter change I asked if they were supplying a smart meter,but they said no not a smart meter. I live in Nottingham.


    Had an E10 meter fitted by Eon today. Heating circuits on off peak only. Standard circuits on the whole time and switch between the 2 tariffs. Moving to together energy E10 thanks to this site.


    Moved into a new apartment a month ago. It has Economy 10 meters installed and wired to suit latest storage heaters and water heating. E.ON is the designated supplier. They have put me on their E.ON EnergyPlan at a single expensive rate. When I queried this I was told verbally that: Quote: “Economy 10 is being phased out and this is an industry wide decision”. As yet I have been unable to get them to confirm this in writing.


    The statement ”Economy 10 is being phased out and this is an industry wide decision” is Rubbish! I believe that you have spoken to a salesperson who has either a lack of knowledge or an incentivised script.
    We are now close to our second year with iSupply and have not encountered even one problem: when they message us we log on and answer (including periodic readings) and they take the money that we agreed (this varies slightly winter/summer) My view of E10 is that it is rather futuristic in its flexibility and we intend to remain with it; envisaging an electric vehicle…


    Together energy is easy to contact by phone and my transfer from Eon is going through within 21 days. The transfer from Eon to the E10 meter from my old white meter(Eon letter saying the white meter being taken out of service) was straightforward. The letter only implies the smart meter is the replacement – but does not mention any alternative! The letter does not quote the rates per KwHr for standard tariff , E7 and E10.


    I agree with MKING- although I now use Ovo I was previously with EON who tried the same line- they even swapped my meter from E10 to E7 without permission! After I threatened legal action in conjunction with other residents in my development they backed down and replaced the E10 meter! Ovo are no problem – although they don’t have an E10 rate they just treat me as an E7 customer which is actually quite good as I get an extra 3 hours per 24 at the lower rate!


    Hi, I am another one what was hit with the letter from eon.Telling me that they are closing the electrical heating economy 10 tariff im on,and moving me onto E.ON Energy plan tariff unless they hear from me by the 13th september.Also goes on to say that I will need a smart meter fitted if i want to stay on e10. but…. it will cost an extra £100 a year…so its time to switch.Im gonna give Together energy a go,as they say they can suppy e10 for £66 a month compared to £83 I was paying E.ON.Im in the East of England region. Hope this may help a few we the same dilemma


    Will Together Energy fit the new Economy 10 smart meter ? I live in the East Midlands do they upport this area ?
    I’m having the same trouble with EON.


    Hi Dave,
    I’m not sure, but probably not, I already have a e10 meter, myself, personally does not want a smart meter, Again I’m not sure but I think smart meters can only do one rate and not switch to on and off peak rates. I maybe wrong but I’m sure others on here can explain a bit more about them.


    Graham, I’m having lots of problems with EON, I was given prices for Economy 10 Tarrifs over the ‘phone, then when I got an email back from them, they had put the tarrif prices up, giving only night and day prices, so I told them not to fit the smart meter, until they have sent me back the correct tarrifs that I was told over the ‘phone. I have not heard from them after about a dozen emails until I told them I’m going to the Energy Ombudsman, they’ve now got back to me to ‘phone them, I said not until they have sent me an email with the prices that I agreed to over the ‘phone. Awaiting a reply, watch this space.


    Dave, When I phoned E.ON, They said I could stay on e10 but it will cost me £100 more at least per year, After the deadline date of the 13th September. But if I change to e7, it will be £40 cheaper. Then went on to say, when they install the new smart meter I would save even more,! It felt like E.ON were trying to force me into getting a smart meter fitted!. Then the fella started running on about how to use my storage heaters!! (as if I don’t know lol!), So that is when I decided to switch. The six suppliers what will fit a E10 meter are listed under the tab at the top of the page. Also a list of suppliers that support E10, That is how I decided which one to swap to.


    The fella that fitted mines, says it is NOT a smart meter, there seems to be a bit of confusion here, as everyone is calling it a smart meter,
    It is a 2 rate digital meter.
    It replaces the two old style meters & the radio switch.
    This is NOT a smart meter.
    Smart meters cannot do 2 rates yet.
    Hope this helps.


    I got Eon to install a non smart E10 meter and within 2 days switched to Together energy E10 ( it takes 21days). I re read the letter from Eon only implies you have to have a smart meter fitted, it just does not mention the standard E10 meter. Together energy rates are much lower than Eon for E10.


    Dave, when you say standard E10 how is this different from Smart meter E10 ?


    Dave, so what are your new rates as I have now been told that the rates EON told me over the ‘phone did not include VAT @ 5%. I’ve told them I do not want the Smart meter as it does not have a Switched output for my Storage heaters and Immersion Heater and they said I will have to get a timer that does the switching from an Electrical agent ? I told them I’ll stick with my Heatwise system. So much for so called Smart Meters ( not so smart are they )


    The standard E10 meter does have a switched supply (Tariff 4 ) which is ideal for storage heaters. Switch meter with Eon, then change supplier to the cheapest E10


    So, Eon really are a piece of crap!

    Three weeks ago, I had an appointment to “change my meter” from the (not so old) Heatwise meter to a normal E10 one. (Remember, this is at their demand, via the very rude, ambiguous and not-very-informative letter and the three phone calls that followed)

    Appointment was any time between 12 and 4pm. At exactly 3.45pm I got a text (!) saying that they were not going to visit. Charming. I’d sat here like a lemon for them to arrive.
    Another interesting conversation with Eon Support then happened during which they tried to make out that it was because of ‘circumstances beyond their control’. Rubbish! After a supervisor chat and then a bit of a rant at the complaints team, they agreed it was because the fitter was way overbooked and I would get the standard £30 compensation. Woopie!

    Appointment duly rebooked for today.
    Well, someone pitched up at 2pm today and asked me what was to be done, as they’d just been told to visit my address (!). Really??? Can this be true??
    I said H-Wise swap for E10 (non smart) and that caused much sucking of teeth. No, they did not carry the parts for that as a special fuse was needed and a separate contactor unit, both of which are special orders, and they had neither the parts, nor any awareness of how anything would have been ordered. The fitter started to have a go at ME for not arranging the parts (!) Errrr…….

    So, nothing happened AGAIN.

    Am just summoning up the energy (and thoughts) before I call Eon…again.

    Eon HAVE to be THE most incompetent organisation I have ever encountered, EVEN worse that BT (!) and THAT says something!.


    you have my sympathies Andrew -We were lucky, Eon did turn up on time and replace my mother’s old meter with a new non-smart E.10 meter, but the fitter admitted that they were always given several more appointments than they could manage in a day in the rush to get smart meters fitted. She also admitted something else which has been really winding me up about the whole smart meter fiasco – their smart meters are still not compatible with any other electricity company. So if you do have a new smart meter fitted, and then decide to switch, as we are all (quite rightly) encouraged to do with some frequency, then the meter would have to be changed again – what a ridiculous waste of money!!! (our money as bill payers, of course)….


    Hope your mother is switching supplier Eon E10 has one of the highest cost.

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