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    I certainly will be switching my mother away from Eon! It does seem easier to switch though, if you have an E10 meter already fitted as some suppliers will not fit them, although they will supply electricity on an E10 basis to customers with an existing meter. Hence getting the new meter out of eon before switching, although I appreciate the difficulties others are having to do this…


    I got Eon to change my white meter to E10 non smart meter. Then 2 days later I switched, on price . The service from Eon was OK , except for the 30 minute wait on the phone. It was the meter fitters first job of the day which helped, he arrived at 0830 , in a 0800 to 1200 window, he did a good job .The E10 meter switches a section of the supply on and off, which from other comments people don’t always get.


    Just came across your site, its all about the loss of my heatwise tariff,
    I a with E-on, on RHT tariff storage heaters/water, up to now no problem, but of late letters from E-on:
    We are closing your tariff and moving you onto E.ON Energy plan:
    this tariff will not have cheaper off-peak rates,your price will increase
    significantly as we increased the price?
    so by looks of things, it looks bad, very little or no help out there,no one seems to understand what I am talking about, no one heard about my RHT tariff, it looks like I have very few options:
    Economy 7 its of no use to my home or
    Economy 10, less heat? and more expensive,
    no help from any other companies, will not touch me with a barge pol
    not heard of heatwise? what is RHT?
    any help or advice much appcated
    Jan Bogucki


    The only supplier I’m aware offers RHT tariffs apart from e.on is SSE(Tel 0345 026 7058) Hope this helps.


    Jan, I was with EON on Heatwise and the same happened to me, I have changed to Together Energy with no problems as they do Heatwise but it is Economy 10 it’s exactly the same but not high costs of EON. []


    Thank you for your help with my old RHT Tariff with Eon,
    ( my old RHT tariff has a complication the pins where removed for the weekend i.e.
    from fireday night – till Monday 07.00 by the EM
    So , after a long wait – the reply from SSE, we can not help you,
    you need to have a new/ fit a new meter i.e. economy 10, but who will pay for this
    From September Eon has put me on the Eon standard Energy Plan all my reading just the one meter at 16.181p
    ( as I failed to make any change or switch to a new meter or tariff by Sept 16?)
    I can not apply for an economy 10 meter now, unless I pay for all the work and new meters,?
    any advice welcome


    Thanks Dave E
    Thank you for you help, I did phone Heatwise, about a switch, but sorry to say
    they can not accept me: I am/ was on the old RHT/ Heatwise tariff still with old meters with
    Eon, there is a lot of confusion about my RHT tariff the pins in my RHT meter – for the
    weekend have been removed by the old EM Com so my heating comes on Fireday night
    till Monday 07.00,
    so its down to the new Economy 10 meter?
    but have been told its no good or any use to me with old storage Heaters require about 10hrs of continues heating time ? it would take to long for economy 7 or 10, as they can not manage to switch?
    as I did not switch or do any thing by Sept 16? E-on date?
    from September 16 – E-on put me onto the Eon Energy Plan the tariff , unit rate of 16.181p on all electricity – so I have pay that, and no cheaper off-peak electricity, and I would have to pay for any new meters, and tariff, but can not apply for economy 10, as I passed the dateline for the meter change?
    ( my first new bill – so I now will have to pay about £57 per 30 days on at 16.181p)
    the end game, well, very few meter options/ tariffs or switching any com, unless E-on
    fits a economy 10 meter? and I will have to pay?
    but still lose all the weekend heat/ hot water?
    so thanks for all your help and advice,
    no one out there seems to know what do in my case!


    Hi Jan, if you need continuous hours of electricity for storage heaters your best option would be to switch to economy 7 and reprogramme your heating And hot water within these hours. A meter change is absolutely free with all the big 6 suppliers, eon can fit a e7 meter and you can then switch to another supplier with lower prices There is more competitive pricing with e7 due to more providers offering it.


    PS it is not possible to get any 10 hours continuous low rate with any current tariffs, economy 10 is split over 3 periods with the longest being 5 hours, e7 is therefore the best option available offering 7 hours continuous low rate and is definitely better than the single rate you are currently receiving.


    Eon was reprimanded by ofgem for the letters they sent to heatwise customers saying they had no choice but to accept a new smart meter when alternative tariffs are available with a non smart meter. Also smart meters are optional, they are required to offer a smart meter the customer is within their rights to say no, which I will unless my supplier offers a e10 smart meter.


    Michael, you said “Eon was reprimanded by ofgem for the letters they sent to heatwise customers” – do you have a weblink for that?

    I’m still “in battle” with Eon, who had 4 cracks at installing a new non-smart meter (2 missed appointments and one person turned up and took one look at it and said ‘I’m not trained for this’. 4th attempt completed the swap).

    Because of THEIR failure, the switching deadline passed and then I was put on to the punitive tariff.

    After a bit of a rant, they have reverted me to the old Heatwise tariff – amazing as they wrote that it was being discontinued. Apparently not. I have a new E10 meter (minus Boost facility) but am defo on the Heatwise Tariff (again).

    They are, apparently, deciding if I should be left on Heatwise structure, or moved to E10, but backdated to the published “swap day”. It’s taken then 3+ weeks so far to decide that.

    I think the level of incompetence at Eon knows no bounds and would be great to see what Ofgem has said.


    Hi Andrew, this is the article I read [“Eon under fire over smart meter bullying: Energy firm agrees to review communications after we report it to watchdog”], the wording of the letter mentioned seemed identical to that posted here from you heatwise customers , I apologise I read this as it was heatwise customers on that basis it doesn’t explicitly say so in the article.


    I misread sorry, Was just a ofgem statement at end – I hope you getting everything sorted soon Andrew, I thought I had hassle with eon changing meter but you seem to be in a worse position, may be a visit to citizens advice is in order with a view to a formal complaint?


    thx – useful info .


    After 12 years we had our Heatwise tariff discontinued at the beginning of August. We had an E10 smart meter and display fitted 27th July. The meter showed when we were going on the cheaper tariff ie. mid afternoon, evening etc. Now E.ON inform me I am on E7 tariff. I cant make out if I am still getting the cheaper rate in the afternoon and evening or not. They tell me E10 tariff is not available. If so, why are so many people on this site on E10. Why did they fit a E10 meter and display. Do I ignore the information shown. I feel as though I have been really stitched up and can’t get any satisfactory answers, I’m almost made to feel like a stupid pensioner!


    Eon fitted a E10 meter for me on 27 July. It took 3 months to change to the cheapest E10 supplier Together Energy. I was on the expensive Eon E10 rate for 3 months.


    Hey all, I spoke to Malcolm at e.on community support team today and he confirmed that e.on will only accept e10 meters on a single rate tariff i.e no low rate for credit meters. They do however still have an e10 tariff for prepayment meters. A list of all current tariffs is available here (https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/help-and-support/search-tariff-information)


    Another price rise – posted – had to use todays date – as couldn’t enter start date – on form. Am i Being ripped off – as forum shows lot less than the 19.2 / 10.55 pre rise and after 20.17/11.87 from 16/8/18 – for EM region (11).

    The off-peak is up 12% – and is getting close to my old E-On Heatwise peak from 2016.

    Then another letter – said was on cheapest energy plan – was always told was on – but could save > 10% if go onto Smart Pay as You Go.

    Rang E-on – and the meter team guy I spoke to said they are not even sure they can supply a prepay E10 meter. Anyone here seen the tariff ?


    Currently with EON in effect for 23 years since East Midlands electricity installed(in our brand new at time) house a large tank for hot water heated with Economy 10 / Heatwise electricity. Just Paid for a new gas boiler for central heating only to find EON send me a letter your tariff is not going to be available etc.. In fact they want to remove my modern non smart E10 meter as its too complicated. They have shut my complaint as in their eyes I have no complaint. It there business decision. Refusing to giving me a locked letter, because you did complain 3 years ago when we tried to do this before. Currently pay before vat 8.28p in the 3 cheap rates 13.21p rest of day very occasionally (3 units in 23 years, 2 when plumbers worked on house and had to empty tank) boost rate at 16.71p, 24.78p standing charge a day. SSE do not supply our street although they tried to help find a supplier!
    EON estimate my bill will go up 56% if I stay!!!!
    Any ideas.


    As an existing customer with E.on I thought I would use this forum thread and hope what I write will be helpful to those in a similar position.

    I live in a bungalow in Nottingham, NG3 which uses only electricity for all purposes. I do not have a gas supply. I have solar panels installed and receive Feed in Tariff payments from E.on.

    At the moment I receive electricity from E.ON. They have sent me a letter explaining that I am on one of their older tariffs which they are no longer able to offer. I am therefore looking to change my supplier of electricity.

    The electrical set up at my property uses ‘Heatwise’ which is a particular type of meter only found in the East Midlands.

    These meters were designed mainly for all electric properties with storage heaters and electric water immersion heaters. They give 10 hours of cheaper off peak electricity in every 24 hour period for heating and water heating only. This is in three time slots during the afternoon, in the evening and at night.

    To work, the meter is wired into the heating/water heating circuits at my property. I have 2 consumer units in the property with 2 MPAN’s (Meter Point Administration Numbers). Unless manually overridden, this lets the meter automatically turn the heating on during the off peak times and off again afterwards. During the off peak times, all electricity used for heating/hot water goes through these dedicated circuits and is recorded on separate meter registers. If the hot water runs out, there’s a one hour boost you can use although, if used outside the off peak times, this will be charged at the higher rate. The heatwise meter is switched on using radio waves which is sent out by masts across the MPAN 11 area.

    A few years ago I removed the bath and decided not to use the immersion heater to heat and store water in the water cylinder in the roof. Instead I use a shower. Therefore, it is only the storage heaters which consume electricity using the cheaper off peak rate. I have been happy with this set up and the consequent electricity bill.

    My annual consumption of electricity is typically just under 6000 kWh and I currently pay 13.21p per kWh during the 14 hours peak rate and 8.28p per kWh during the 10 hours at the off peak rate. In addition to this there is a daily standing charge of 15.64p per day.

    When I made my first call to E.on it was frustrating not to be given any helpful advice at all and I was asked to search through over 300 possible tariffs and then make my choice. The letter E.on sent me did not give any reason why they were no longer able to let me continue using my existing tariff. When speaking to the customer service advisor, I asked if I could speak with a supervisor or manager. I was told that the customer service advisor could talk to their supervisor or manager but it would not be possible for me to speak to them directly.

    I then did my own research, including reading everything on this web site to try to understand things better.

    The meter used for heatwise is a thing called a dynamically teleswitched meter.

    The Central Teleswitch Control Unit (CTCU), owned and operated by the Energy Network Association (ENA), receives, monitors and validates the instructions transmitted by the DNOs(Distribution Network Operators), preparing them for transmission. It is the ENA which actually coordinates the whole RTS service and signs the procurement contract with the BBC. 4. The BBC assembles and encodes the switching instructions sent by the CTCU on its 198 kHz signal. These are transmitted simultaneously to customers’ teleswitched meters via three radio transmitters located at Droitwich, Westerglen and Burghead.

    The switching of the meter therefore depends on the radio signal being received in order for it to work. I had read articles that suggested the signal may be discontinued in the near future.

    I wrote an email to the ENA asking ‘Hello, I am a domestic consumer of electricity in the MPAN 11 region, living in Nottingham and my meter receives switching instructions sent out by the Central Teleswitch Control Unit (CTCU) which is owned and operated by the Energy Network Association (ENA). The BBC assembles and encodes the switching instructions sent out by the CTCU on its 198 kHz signal. These are transmitted simultaneously to customers’ teleswitched meters via three radio transmitters located at Droitwich, Westerglen and Burghead. For me, I believe the signal comes from Droitwich.

    Please could you tell me if there are any plans to discontinue the signals from Droitwich in the future?’

    The reply I received was as follows…..

    Thank you for your email. We are currently in discussions with the electricity suppliers trade association to continue the use of Radio Teleswitch until smart meters are rolled out.

    Daniel Simpson
    Head of IT and Corporate Events
    Energy Networks Association

    This didn’t really help me know when or if the signal will be discontinued.

    I then made my second call to E.on which was just as frustrating as the first call. Again the customer service person was very unhelpful and simply tried to make me sign up for a tariff which would have meant me paying the same rate per kWh through all 24 hours. Again, when I asked if I could speak with a supervisor or manager, I was told I couldn’t.

    It was then that I thought that the only way to overcome this problem would be to ask E.on to instal an Economy 10 meter. I read a bit about Smart Meters and it seems that if you have a solar panel installation then you can’t use a smart meter. Something to do with ‘interference’. I am not bothered if the meter I have installed is not a Smart Meter.

    I then made my third, lengthy call to E.on to discuss the meters they could install and what tariff I could have after installation of a new meter. After an hour of talking with a customer service advisor, I pleaded to be able to discuss things with a supervisor or manager. This time I was able to do this, much to my relief. However, I still wasn’t happy that the supervisor really understood my requirements. It wasn’t clear whether the meter they would instal would be Economy 10 or Economy 7.

    During the discussions I was being quoted for one supply (one MPAN) a Normal rate of 21.29p per kWh, an off peak rate of 12.95p per kWh and a daily standing charge of 21.966p per day.

    A search of all E.on’s tariffs revealed one under the heading ‘E.on Energyplan – Elec only(Econ7+Monthly Direct Debit)’. When looking in more detail under this tariff, the rates given for the figures on the left hand side of the page must be for Economy 7 and on the right hand side those for Economy 10. The figures on the right were exactly the same as those I was given over the phone. There is no labelling to help you understand which is which.

    These rates are significantly higher than the tariff I have been on. In fact, more than 50% higher!

    What I have decided to do is get an electrician to do an inspection (EICR) first of all. They will know the implications of E.on coming out to replace the meter and then I will need to have the 2 consumer units replaced with one. Then, hopefully when the new meter is installed I will be able to use all appliances using the off peak rate and not just the storage heaters. When the national database has been updated to show just one MPAN at my property, I will then shop around and change supplier to give me the best deal.

    If you’ve got to the end of this posting, I hope it may help other people. Thank you Mark for this website!


    Although slightly different circumstances similar to my dealings with EON see post above Nigel’s. EON will not give me a deadlock letter as I complained to the Ombudsman before. I didn’t and the Ombudsman have confirmed that but I do have to wait 8 weeks from my complaint. I have reduced my 59% increase slightly by going to EDF, process underway.


    Further to my recent post on this thread, an update. Last week I had my old heatwise meter removed and a new economy 10 meter installed by E.on`. It is not a smart meter. The meter fitter did an excellent job and was very helpful. Now I have just one MPAN instead of two and are able to use all appliances on economy 10 and not just our storage heaters. So I no longer have a complex meter set up. In a few weeks time, after receiving the final bill with the old ‘heatwise’ tariff, I will look around for another cheaper supplier. The customer service from E.on during the whole process has not been very good and caused a lot of stress. I complained and got a credit of £30 with E.on acknowledging their poor customer service. I have also decided to get some Dimplex Quantum storage heaters installed which will be an improvement on the old Dimplex storage heaters I have which are probably more than 25 years old.


    Hi all. I am currently with Eon on their Eon EnergyPlan & Electrical Heating RHT tariff.
    Like most people in this forum I received a letter from them last month saying that “I’m on one of their older tariffs which we’re no longer able to offer” after been on the tariff since I moved into the electric only property 3 years ago.
    So I immediately called Eon on the phone number that was on the letter (“To discuss your tariff options call us on….”) but the customer service adviser was only able to give me a worst case scenario projection as she was “not allowed to sell me any tariffs” so I then had to wait up to 10 working days for someone from Eon to contact me to discuss my tariff options!!
    Whilst I was waiting for the call back from Eon I decided to check out other providers tariffs. Well I wish I hadn’t have bothered. What an absolute nightmare!!
    I first contacted Uswitch, but they told me that they couldn’t do any price comparisons for me as I have a ‘complex’ meter & that it would only be the Big 6 companies that would support this but I would have to contact them all individually to get a quote.
    As you are all probably too aware, this was like banging my head against a brick wall whilst speaking another language!! None of them wanted anything to do with me once they had FINALLY understood what I was talking about in regards to having 2 meters!!! (The customer service adviser I spoke to at British Gas couldn’t understand why I had 2 MPAN numbers & he’d never come across anything like this before, even though I explained to them numerous times I had TWO meters!!)
    Eon EVENTUALLY called me back & the woman only gave me 3 options of new tariff but all on one standard rate, which of course would be more expensive than what I am paying now!
    My RHT meter is connected to my underfloor heating (the original that was put in downstairs only when the house was built in the 60s so it’s not really energy efficient but it does the job) & this comes on at midnight & goes off at 7am.
    I have an electric shower & live on my own & work full time so I don’t ever turn the heater on for the water tank so I’m not sure if this is attached to the RHT meter or not?
    As you can imagine I am at my wits end & I have no idea what to do, or what is available to me as nobody at any of the Big 6 companies (including Eon) seem to want to truly help.
    A lot of the companies were insistent on me having a smart meter fitted if I was to change to any of their tariffs, I’m not particularly bothered what type of meter I have to go to as long as it is affordable & there isn’t any hassle or cost to having a new meter installed as I think it is very unfair that I would have to foot the bill for any changes as it is not my fault that nobody offers RHT tariffs anymore.
    Reading through the comments above has given me a little more insight into the situation but any advise from anyone that has been through the same issue would be brilliant as I am at a loss as to what to do for the best & my tariff comes to an end in September. TIA.


    TJ900, You should be able to get E.on to install a new meter, either for economy 7 or economy 10 and it should not cost you anything. You don’t have to agree to have a smart meter. When you have done this, you would no longer have a complex meter set up. After a while you can then say goodbye to E.on and find a cheaper tariff with another provider. All the best.


    Thank you nigelw ????

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