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    Extra Energy ceased trading Nov 2018 and accounts transferred to Scottish Power. [-]


    I accepted defeat with Scottish Power. I finally bit the buklet and decided that even if i couldnt save money I could do more ffor the planet. Good Energy’s rates not too diffetent to Eon’s…So signed with them.. pack etc received THEN today a letter saying rate inxrease from 1 March…i could cancel contract . I did. SSEs Heather failed ever tocall.me from her Exotic Meters dept..but I did speak with her colleague Emma today. MPAN sits nicely on database as it shoukd so no more probs there. SSE offered 3 rates. Not fixed [], 1 yr fixed [], 2 yr fixed [].

    I didn’t jump but started looking, just in case, on comparison sites. I found co called Extra Energy. 0800 953 4775. Quickly answered by knowledgeable Sonia
    On line reviews awful… I interogated her on them! New call centre…more e.oyees..Billing now monthly in.response to readings which tjey request . Rates? Fabulous AND they use their e7 rates for e10! Initislly no but Somutchecjed and then yes. [] YIPPEE! I’ve signed up with them andI hope this saga is now closed….
    Good luck everyone!!


    We possibly are on E 10 with extra energy – long story – but having an nightmare with them for the last 6 months. I would not recommend.


    I’ve just switched to Extra Energy (in the south of England region). They are supplying my existing Economy 10 meter (and times) with their Economy 7 tariffs quoted.

    Bright Fixed Price Tariff until Sep 18 []

    Very helpful and didn’t require an explanation. It does vary though, as I phoned last week and was told they didn’t support Economy 10. Apparently they have new staff who are learning, so they apologised.


    Im also from South of England.Have just spoken to Extra Energy and they say they cannot supply an existing E10 meter.

    25 april 2017 at 2:20 pm


    Angie/Tim, many thanks for this. Would you mind popping the details into the new web-form I’m using to collate this? The link is:


    Cheers, Mark.


    email received from Extra Energy 8/3/18:
    Thank you for contacting extraenergy.
    Thank you for your email.
    Unfortunately at this moment in time we don’t support Economy 10 meters.
    Kind Regards,
    Customer Care Team


    I am currently on an E10 (using E7 rates) with Extra Energy and have been for the last couple of years now.
    So they DO support the Day / Night tariff but there does seem to be mixed messages and some confusion depending on who you talk to.
    My renewal rates for going forward on 1st October (if I stay) are as follows;
    16.70 day and 10.07 night rate.


    In administration, existing customers are being moved to Scottish power

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