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    As far as we know, Green Energy UK still support Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    Had a quote today from greenenergyuk []

    Good rates but even more impressive, I sent 6 emails yesterday to various companies asking for prices and these people are the only ones to reply today!


    Have ended up going with greenenergyuk as they managed to reply to emails within 4 hours and could accommodate my 2 meters. I have taken their Tap tariff, on their advise, as I don’t use much electricity and this tariff has no standing charge.(currently paying 42p for one meter and 25p for the other) This should save me around £100 p.a compared to Eon! Scottish Power messed up my sisters account when I asked for a quote – she lives across the road- and they decided that I must be her as we have the same postcode!! They changed all my details to her account. First Utility and Ovo couldn’t accommodate the 2 meters and nor could Isupply energy. SSE took 5 days to reply to my email so who knows how long it would take if you were already a customer. Thank you for this site, it spurred me on to do something about my electricity charges and looks like I will be much better off.


    I’ve gone with Green Energy in the end. Their standing charge is more than others, but their off peak rate makes it very worthwhile for us. It is a variable rate, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it. iSupply was cheapest for us, but I’ve not heard good things about their customer service lately and thought with an E10 meter my switch might end up being a hassle if I couldn’t contact them! So I went with Green Energy as they were second best and very helpful.

    n.Power told me they don’t have an E10 tariff.

    I’ll be interested to see the spreadsheet of every else’s results when it’s finished.


    Thanks for this useful website. Trying to find a new E10 supplier is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but you have just provided me with a flamethrower and a magnet!

    I’m switching from EON to Green Energy. Looks like it will save me £100 per year and save the Polar bears.

    Green Energy is the first electricity supplier I have come across that actually mentions Economy 10 up-front next to a tarrif. That alone, without making me dig about and phone up to enquire is almost enough to get my business – that their rates are cheaper than my current supplier and at least one other option has sealed the deal.


    We use 85% of our electricity on Night rate. We signed up with Green Energy in August 2017. With a 30% (!!) increase in the Night Rate tariff from 1st April 2019, price increases last year and mistakes they initially made it means that rate will now be just over 100% higher than when we signed up less than 2 years ago. Someone is making a fortune!


    Caution – check Green energy rates. My night charge has almost doubled in 18 months. Costs are now eyewatering. The double digit tariff increases per year have been really severe and they must be one of the most expensive – much higher than the big 6?

    PS their service has been excellent!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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