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    Most e10 meters show as 2 rate meters on the national database I believe and most suppliers don’t know how to tell the difference on the database so they assume you are e7, you would need to speak to octopus energy as to how they will handle this as a smart meter after explaining your meter setup to them, good luck and please let us know how you get on


    Hi. I moved into a property September 2017 that had a payg E10. I quickly got that changed to a smart meter E10 and started paying via DD. This was done via Our Power. Long story short I left Our Power and went with Yorkshire energy due to better pricing. Meter is now dumb. I am looking to switch to Octopus as they price quite well and can reactivate my smart meter. When I spoke to them today they are saying the meter at my address is an E7??

    It’s not but I am on an E7 tariff.

    Question is how can this be? And if I do switch and the next provider can notice I’m getting 10 hours of off peak and they change my type of meter OTA? I wouldn’t want this


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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