How to get a new Economy 10 meter fitted

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    Hi Mark

    Firstly, thanks for putting such an informative site together.

    I’ve just converted my gas wet central heating to electric (live in an apartment, boiler sited on internal wall, long flues were a problem etc.). The installers I used informed me I would need to switch over to Economy 7 and I’ve arranged for a new meter installation with my existing supplier Eon. However, the literature supplied with the boiler suggests that Economy 10 is the way to go and the extra off-peak times in the day would definitely appear to better suit our household’s needs. I therefore called Eon to try to change the meter install from E7 to E10 only to be told that new E10 meters and tariffs are NOT available. They said that they only keep the tariffs going for customers with existing E10 meters and that they are being phased out.

    Do you happen to know of anyone who has had a new E10 meter fitted recently and by which supplier? I just tried calling Co-op and was left on hold for 7 mins and then cut-off. At this point I would consider switching to any supplier who could fit one with a view to changing to the best value tariff I could find at a later date.

    Many thanks.


    I know this is a really late reply and you are probably sorted now but SSE are fitting me and E10 meter soon


    Just wanted to post an update on the suppliers. I am currently on Economy 7 but want to switch to economy 10. It appears that most of the suppliers listed in the document no longer offer installation of a new meter. They are happy to offer you a tariff if you already have a meter though. The only company that I found that is happy to install a new meter free of charge is SSE. Their prices are rather high but there is no exit cost and an assistant I had a chat with to told me I would incur no cost if I wanted to switch providers before the end of the contract. I find it hard to believe so I think I need to do more research but just in case I printed off a copy of my online chat.

    I live in London, anyone has been in a similar situation?


    Am about to move to a 1 bed ground floor flat with storage heaters am only used to gas central heating don’t have a clue about electric heating. How much do companies charge to put a economy 7 or 10 meter in? Thank you.


    Nothing. All part of the service – if you find the right supplier!


    Normally if there are storage heaters there would already be either an Economy 10 or an Economy 7 meter installed. Usually find the electric meter has 2 or 3 different readings if this is so. You can contact the current suppliers for the ‘cheap rate’ times and current unit prices. This depends on which area you live in as it would appear some areas have different times/prices.


    Most will be free. I have switched to EDF who will supply an economy 10 meter free of charge and do not charge a leaving fee. So after this is installed I plan to return to Scottish Power who currently have the cheapest Economy 7 rate and are willing to supply it to an existing economy 10 meter (but can’t install it themselves). This will give an extra 3 hours of off-peak usage on the economy 7 tariff and I believe will be the current cheapest option. But it might be best to check what type of heaters you have and if they can be configured to come on at economy 10 times, otherwise maybe economy 7 is best for your needs.

    ed: Scottish Power are no longer accepting E10 customers, but there are a lot who will – check out the list of Supplier here: and the discussion about Suppliers here on the forum:


    This website’s a great find for me.

    I am located in the North of Scotland and have, for the last 6 years, been fighting a battle with SSE to get away from the THTC meters that I inherited with purchase of my current house and which have bound me to this company since moving in. Finally I have won my battle and am having the THTC meters ripped out and replaced with an E10 meter, to be fitted next Wednesday (07/12). First question, have you any idea how long I will need to wait, after my E10 meter is fitted, before other companies will recognise this fact? (i.e. how long the new meter takes to get up on to the “national database”?)

    Can I start a transfer process now, or wait until the meter is installed or how long after? I am desperate to get away from SSE! Also, it looks as though iSupply & OVO don’t support the North of Scotland supply area. (Their websites say that they cannot quote me and to call them instead. However, when I do call, their automated phone messages say they cannot quote over the phone and hang up on me!) So, the cheapest company left for me seems to be Scottish Power. This seems to be supported when I went onto cheapenergyclub’s website, “blagged” the fact that I had an E7 meter and found that my cheapest quote was from SP. The tariff that cheapenergyclub was suggesting was the “ScottishPower – Online Fixed Saver December 2017 v2”. So I guess you are right – the November tariff has gone and has been replaced by the more expensive December one! [] Has anybody with an E10 meter tried to carry on with the “E7 blag” and been migrated to the E7 tariff successfully, via one of these migration websites?

    Anyway, any information you can provide, would be more than welcome.



    Hi Harry/Horatiog2015

    I feel I would be able to help little as I am actually in a very similar position (although not quite in the north of Scotland – lucky you!)

    After your E10 meter is fitted in theory I believe it should go ‘live’ very soon (possibly within a few hours or at most, days) and it is at this point that you are able to migrate to another supplier (it is the process leading up to this point that takes a significant time for some people – ie. those who haven’t really had an E10 meter). This is the case with EDF, who are installing my meter, although I would suggest you call SSE and ask at what point your meter will be live after installation – and fully switched to/provided by ‘Economy 10’. As long as this is complete you are free to begin the switch. This is what I been told by EDF, but having re-read your post I am not fully sure if this counts as ‘appearing on the national database’ – perhaps others with more knowledge on this can clarify (such as ‘Angie’ – who in an earlier post appeared to describe a similar experience to yours).

    I don’t see that you have anything to lose in attempting to begin the process a few days after the meter is installed – this is what I plan to do – surely the worst that can happen is that the new company will say it is not yet registered as a valid meter type on the national database – and you (we) simply wait until it appears.

    I would suggest that in all interactions with companies phone is the most effective option. Perhaps it would be worth making 100% sure that your preferred or cheapest company is unable to supply you through somehow getting through to a real person and asking them directly (it is also sometimes worth not taking the first answer, asking them to double check with a supervisor/floor-support team – as has been the case with me and Scottish Power. I believe the best option may be to be honest and direct about the fact your meter is Economy 10 but to specify that you are asking if they will supply an economy 7 tariff to that meter type. I haven’t attempted to complete the process via an online switching site but am sure it would be interesting to see if anyone has had any success this way. So I am not suggesting a total ‘blag’ (just in case it might come back to bite you/us) but to first confirm with whichever company that they are actually willing to supply you before switching. If you then attempted to complete the process using a comparison/switching site I for one would be keen to know the result. (I have wondered how effective it would be to simply select the best available ‘economy 7’ without telling them and just see if it goes through – but am not endorsing this!)

    Just briefly on the Scottish Power tariff – I spoke to them yesterday and it has indeed passed, superseded by the December one. Interestingly it apparently was withdrawn on the 24th October but when I mentioned that I had successfully switched my neighbour AFTER this date they told me that the sales team have some ability to offer previous tariffs in certain circumstances if a customer expresses an interest. Based on this, I have been told that it may well be possible, at the point of calling (finally) to switch myself, for the sales team to offer me the same cheaper tariff. If possible this will be very convenient as that original quote would be the cheapest tariff currently offered by any company as a compatible E10 option. (If I am unable to be supplied this tariff I may well go ‘back to the drawing board’ and go which whatever is the current cheapest option from any supplier)

    I would note (not specifically to you personally) that as I have something vaguely resembling a life (of sorts) I am not able or willing to check current tariffs on a daily or weekly basis and therefor it is highly probable that they change from time to time. I post here in the attempt to further the available knowledge on a rare tariff and to help others in a similar position – it would then be up to the individual to research and apply this to their own circumstances (as I did when first encountering this site – the most accurate tariff comparison was dated March 2015!) However I believe all the information I have posted previously is accurate at the time of posting and will always attempt to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information possible.

    And finally on that note, if anyone else is also interested in doing something with the information and awareness we are gathering and cultivated, could we look at making more resources available to others in future based on this? Ideally it would be good to do that within this site – it is user-friendly and very helpful, but fully understandable that the creator of this website could not be expected to update it all the time as it is a voluntary cause – so much like a good spiritual leader he has pointed us gently but firmly in the right direction. I would be happy to research the current tariffs once a year and post them – even if able to email the findings to the ‘webmaster’ to be updated at his convenience – or perhaps look at providing additional information online to assist others if this doesn’t prove to be an option.

    hope i’m not stepping on anyone’s toes, or worse, wearing out my welcome! And good luck Harry with your switch. Let us know how it goes – and don’t hesitate to message again if you would like any more assistance – if we’re able to provide it!

    Andrew / Random Precision


    “come on you miner for truth and illusion – and shine” …


    I’ve looked on the National Database today. The number of the new e10 metre shows. Hurray! BUT an old number still shows if I tick the other blob. Boo… Ie . There are 2 numbers on it. My husband …. a very bright bloke (!), hss been checking this since the new metre was installed on 10th October. But has never ticked the blob by either of our (identucal) addresses, assuming there were two meant that both the old numbers were still evident. Does anyone know if once an obsolete dual metre is rationalised the address only appears once? Disappointed to read the increase in SP….


    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry its taken so long to get back to you – and thanks for such a comprehensive reply!

    OK – first a quick update on my situation. I eventually have an E10 meter – hurrah. Took a long time to get SSE out to change the meter. On the appointed day, the first engineer turns up, takes one look at my installation (of which I had already sent SSE a picture) and says he can’t work on it “coz its 2-phase”. (Later proved to be wrong – he just thought it was because I have two 100A fuses to cope with my monstrous forced air system.) Second engineer rocks up, takes one look at it and says he can’t do it either – coz I need to get a Sparky to put new tails in for me. Lots of argy bargy later and I give up and get the electrician to do as SSE asked. (I eventually got a 2nd consumer unit put in – eventually, it finally turns out – just to power the relay circuit for the forced air storage heater.) Then comes the third SSE engineer visit – I get my new E10 meter! But, come my first offpeak period, no heating! Then another visit from the Sparky (supposed to be accompanied by SSE engineer who didn’t show) – and now I’ve got an E10 meter & heating – yay! All that needs done now is fix the problematic clock on the new meter, that has lost more than 12 minutes in a week!!! Apparently, all that needs doing is another SSE engineer visit to re-flash the meter with some new software.

    So, been chatting to SSE about how long now before I can swap supplier. Its still a long and drawn out process. First the engineers have to send back their workcard to HQ with the new meter number on it. Then SSE update their systems. With THTC you have two MPAN numbers which is what stops all other suppliers from allowing a transfer to them. So, apparently, SSE will delete one of my MPAN numbers but maintain the other to support the E10 meter. This then goes to ECOES who maintain the national database. They then replicate the update that SSE have just down to their own system and then, and ONLY then, can I initiate a move to a new supplier. Apparently that all normally takes about 3 weeks but my SSE HQ contact is trying to fast-track my case. I don’t think, however, I am going to starting my transfer until into 2017!

    BTW, I asked if I could jump the gun, but my SSE contact said it would be unwise as the transfer request can go “into the ether” for a few weeks and then come back as rejected. Which would incur a further delay in the process as a whole. However, on the positive side, SSE have said they will effectively hold my tariff at last year’s rates until the transfer has been completed – which is good!

    How am I getting on with E10? Yeah – not too bad actually! Its early days yet (only been live a week) and, to be honest, as soon as my heating was tested it got switched back off again, as we are going through a particularly mild period for December up here – so I can tough it out without heating for the time being. Despite all this, I am managing to move 75% of my power usage into the offpeak periods by means of running several things off timers and slight changes in the timing of when I’m cooking, etc.(The joys of being a single batchelor!)

    With regard to constantly checking the various tariffs and “having a life”, yes – I would agree. However, I further agree that if this website were to build up a big enough following, and with each of us doing these checks when their fixed tariff was coming to an end, then if everybody fed in their findings at that time, then this would probably keep everybody informed of where the best deal is at any given time? However, (and this is a biggie), I think the “best deal” also very much depends on where you are in the country. Many of the companies and their deals that people have mentioned on this site and its blogs, are just not available to me – as I am in the North Scotland region. Also, I have found out that the differentials for the same tariff, in differently supply regions, are considerably large. These differentials may also not be that consistent between each company, so a good deal for one E10 bod in one part of the UK, may not be the best deal for another person in another part of the UK. (And it looks like North Scotland is the worst region because they have to “transmit the power further to get it to us”! – Errr – has nobody heard of “Hydro-Electric”? There’s a ruddy great dam and generator not 20 miles from me!)

    Anyhoo – that’s the story so far – will keep you updated with my progress. Meanwhile have a great Xmas & New Year.


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