I cannot afford to heat my home.

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    Susan Beattie

    Hi, I live in a rented 2 bed end terraced house. Landlord fitted Dimplex Quantum heaters to replace gas central heating. They are on Economy 10. Very cosy and warm. However, cost an absolute fortune to run. There are 4 of them, but I can only afford to run one. £185 per month! When I first moved in here, after two months I had a bill for £800. So, I shut them off except the one in my living room. That is set at 21deg and “out all day”. My next door neighbour, same size of house still has gas central heating, her bills with electric are a third of what I’m paying. I was told that they are expensive to run, but cheaper than the old style on economy 7. I can’t do a thing about it because the Landlord which is the Local Council, are fitting these heaters in all houses.
    I’m with SSE, and with the cost about to increase further, I’ll have to turn off the only heater I do use and just wear coats, hats, scarves inside.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    vicky Postlethwaite

    I have two of these on E10. When we installed them we put them on time switches so they only take power during the 10 cheap hours. they are designed to actually run on E7, like you we have them set to 21deg, but “in all day”. Our current rate kwh is 21p and 9p, tariff ends 2023. They are designed to only take enough power to enable it to achieve your settings. My 2 Dimplex Quantum 500 heaters (and 3 Sunflow radiators mostly run in cheap time) heat the house (not over-heat) at a current cost of £120-£150 per month on average, house is all electric. The only thing that makes electricity economic is good control. We do not heat all the house all the time and are scrupulous with timings and thermostats, and wear warm clothes too.
    Maybe check heaters are not demanding power in expensive time?


    I have a similar problem with rented property. I have wet electric heaters so E10 is ideal but after my last 2 suppliers went bust my rates are horrendous..it will be even worse when my protection ends in April. I’ve had to switch the heating off completely as I simply cannot afford the £4.50 an hour it costs to have it on!! I’ve bought a calor gas heater for the lounge and that’s it. My bills shot from around 80 a month with the heating in twice a day to 200 a month with no heating so it’s now out the question. E7 rates are no good now either and I’m getting quotes of 2700 a year. I honestly think I’m going to have to just move house before the next winter and make sure there is a gas supply. Will still be expensive but less than electric. Am at wits end!

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