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    Looking to change from Economy 7 to Economy 10 I contacted eleven suppliers. Only three were able to install an Economy 10 meter.

    Green Energy wanted £150 for the installation and their unit rates are 21p daytime and 16p. nightime.

    SSE Free installation but they have a poor rating on Trust Pilot.

    EDF ‘Spoke’ to a very positive lady online, they definitely install, free of charge.
    The unit rates are Standing 22.59p Day 22.04p, Night 11.49p.

    These were the suppliers who said that they do not install, though they may well accept an existing meter:

    Tonik, Together, Bristol, OVO, Peoples, M & S, Octopus, So Energy.

    I imagine that the larger suppliers are better able to provide Economy 10, but of course their unit rates are higher.

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