Is my meter Economy 10?

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    Hi, my meter is called Radio Telemeter Series K Type K220G13. There is just one meter but you can scroll through the different rates on the display. My tariff with scottish power is called “Standard” and is split into:

    Day rate
    Standing charge
    Control rate
    Night rate

    I want to change supplier to get a better rate and customer service but just want to check what type of meter it is. The Scottish Power bill lists two MPAN numbers starting with 02 and calls them “Comfort Plus White meter”. Looking on the web I’ve seen some sites say 02 means Economy 7 and some Economy 10. When I rang Octopus Energy they said it was Economy 10 but I had thought it was E7 before this.

    Any help with establishing the type of meter gratefully received!
    Many thanks


    Hello there, as per the info on your SP bill you have a white meter, this is a 3 rate meter with 2 mpans,this is a complex meter setup, so the best bet would be to Google your meter, there is a lot of info out there on and far too much for me to post on here, you can have the meter setup changed but there may be charges for an electrician as they may need to amend your wiring depending on your setup, Scottish power would not charge you for the meter change though, I’m not that clued up on comfort plus but I’m only. aware of Scottish Power, EDF and SSE offering tariffs for these meters if you didn’t wish to change the setup.


    PS I answer to your original question, no your meter is not economy 10.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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