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    iSupply was acquired April 2020 and accounts transferred to EDF. [-]


    Phoned iSupplyEnergy 10 Aug 2015.
    They stated that they did not supply Economy 10.

    So staying with OVO this year


    Thank you Mark for the work you’ve done and saved me!
    I spent one long morning phoning isupplyenergy and filling in their forms to be told at the end that my meter MPAN number wouldn’t be accepted by their computer system, but try again in a year. They could have told me this after the very first question when they got my MPAN from my address!
    However, Cooperativeenergy, your second cheapest came up trumps within the hour, and all being well I am transferring to them and saving around £350.
    Thanks once again!


    Try iSupply; they allow you the use of their E7 tariff for E10… []


    I urge you to consider Mr King’s suggestion:
    I too have carried out research and without a doubt iSupply Energy is the cheapest for Economy 10. However, their web site does NOT make to clear that whether you are using E7 or E10 both rate costs are the same.
    An easy setup but with a month wait to allow ‘cooling off’. I will be saving hundreds of pounds. []
    Good luck.


    Am now up and running with “iSupply” and pleased to say that their online system is as good as our previous, much larger supplier and no problems thus far…


    Hello Mark,
    Brilliant site and thank you.
    I switched my meter in November for a new Economy 10 and I now need to change my supplier for a more competitive rate. I see that you are about to or are in the process of updating your comparison spreadsheet and, that you are currently with iSupplyEnergy. Off the top of your ahead are iSupply still the frontrunner? I also read from another one of your readers that they would seem okay to deal with?
    Best regards,


    I moved from SSE to I supply energy in November. The move was painless and no problems since. Excellent customer service young guys.
    The savings seem good on paper and my monthly direct debit is half what it was. Time will tell.
    Good luck.


    We too are using iSupply without pain. The prices change quite often so look carefully at the day and night rates but also at the daily “meter” charge which has been rising as the kwh rates fall. There is a £30 penalty for changing tariff but you can change to the latest and ostensibly cheaper iSupply deal if it is worth the “hit”: so far the December rate remains good for us but the latest rate is cheaper per day/night unit but more expensive per day for the meter.

    Good Luck


    Hi Brian
    I am currently trying to switch to iSupply. Is this for Economy 10 hours or Economy 7 unfortunately I cant find any details on the hours on their website. Many thanks


    Have you got a telephone number for I supply please



    Im thinking of doing the same from E.on E10 to isupply e7 tariff but not 100% sure yet.
    Could you tell me how its gone so far?
    im not sure if everything will be ok with my meter being e10 and the tariff being e7.
    Thank you



    Hi Brian, how are isupply and did the switch go smoothly?

    im thinking of doing the same switch with an e10 meter.

    Thank u,


    Have to wait till 25th March when switch takes place


    0330 202 0298


    I-Supply Tel: 0330 202 0298


    I-Supply use E7 tariff for E10.


    iSupplyEnergy use E10 tariff NOT E7 – I use it and know!


    We use iSupply (just sent in a reading) after changing our meter from E7 to E10. No problems; very easy to deal with and cheaper than previous “Big 6” supplier. We had one meter that was reprogrammable but other configurations exist with more than one meter. E10 has a number of other benefits besides an extra 3 hours cheap: the cheap period in the afternoon means we now don’t need the morning or evening storage radiators (it is March!) and the add-on water timer which we have on the immersion heater is only active for 3 hours a day which, all told, saves more money.


    My comment is correct.
    I-Supply use their E-7 tariff for E-10


    Sarah; iSupply E7 tariff mentioned in the survey at the top of this page says E7 but this tariff can be used on an E10 meter. We disclosed our change to E10 meter when asking for a quote and were directed to the E7 tariff to use. Thus; E7 tariff is also E10 tariff via iSupply and their E10 prices are the same as their E7 tariff above. the rates above are seriously out of date and are now cheaper – when getting a quote from the website there will very likely be a saving as iSupply quote runs from the take-up date.


    The same happened when I applied to OVO– they seem not to have a specific E10 deal but are quite happy to use the two rates from an E10 meter and price as if E7.


    Quick weigh in iSupply: the rates seem good – it’s between iSupply and Scottish Power for me (will prob go with SP ultimately) – but I was a little concerned about the lack of environmental credentials mentioned on here and thought I’d look into it for myself.

    After requesting information on this from i Supply (helpful customer service) – I recieved an email from them:

    “As a smaller energy company without our own power generation facilities, we buy our energy from SSE and our renewable mix is therefore aligned with theirs.

    Below is a link to a statement of disclosure from SSE on their energy mix:

    SSE and therefore iSupply Energy are above the UK average in this regard, but in the not too distance future we’ll be launching a green product to further demonstrate our commitment to renewables.


    Hi Mark
    This is a brilliant website of yours!
    I first used it last year when I was considering switching (for the first time) from SSE and, using your Mar 2015 tariffs sheet, I switched to iSupplyEnergy and they haven’t let me down.
    Now that my deal is up for renewal in Dec 2016 I am intrigued to see if iSupplyEnergy will fare as well for 2016. BTW although iSupplyEnergy are an on-line only supplier, I have spoken to their customer services on a couple of occasions and they were always helpful and cordial (almost what you’d expect from a family run business!).
    I look forward to seeing your 2016 update.
    Many thanks again for this invaluable site,


    Hello Sarah,
    I read your comments about customer service from isupplyenergy & thought I would let you know my experience with them.I now regret entering into a second year with isupplyenergy as the difference in attitude from their customer service compared to my first year could not be more different.I have seen a significant deterioration.In the first year I found them helpful and accommodating.In the second year they seem to have adopted an aggressive and very overbearing attitude to the point of being confrontational for no reason at all.I will be actively seeking an alternative E10 supplier after my contract with isupply energy ends as ,quite frankly,I really do not like the manner in which they now seem to conduct themselves.The standard of customer service now employed by isupplyenergy is appalling and I will be voting with my feet as soon as possible.Perhaps when they sign you as a customer they feel they no longer have to be civil to you.Good interpersonal skills seem no longer to be one of their customer service strong points.

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