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    Vattenfall the owner of isupply has decided to exit the UK residential market, customers have been transferred to EDF


    After receiving the information from Utilita on my new tariff I have cancelled my switch to iSupply.


    I’ve just signed up to iSupply but wanted to double check if anyone had any issues getting on the right tariff

    On their TIL the Discover Green 12 months Direct v5 tariff is their cheapest tariff, apparently available till June 2019

    On their quote engine, the cheapest tariff is Discover Green 12 months Direct v6 tariff also available till June 2019.

    When I phoned I was only able to sign up for V6, I queried this but the person I spoke to wasn’t able to help. They’re still the cheapest I believe but I should be able to get their cheapest tariff so planning to email customer service to move me.


    iSupply have just lowered our DD by £14/month without prompting “as responsible suppliers” they said…

    Still no complaints: just into year 3 of the deal. I haven’t looked at the latest prices but am prepared for a shock…

    We are hoping to stay-on the tariff as the age of the electric car and energy-storage approaches.

    We were asked to trial some new website features but haven’t seen them yet but will report back when we do…


    I have been with isupply for 18 months. I was not happy with them after my first year as even though they knew my previous years usage they vastly inflated my estimated usage for my new contract with meant my DD was way over the top. They refused to budge so as they were the cheapest at the time I went with them. I have been expecting an increase in my variable rate as all the other suppliers were doing the same, what I wasn’t expecting was the massive increase in charges. Off peak rate was going up by 63%, peak rate by 17% and the standing charge by 16%. Quite how this can be justified who knows but needless to say I’m on the move again and have just signed up to Economy 7 Energy which is charging pretty much what I was paying with isupply. No doubt they’ll push up their charges soon but I’m not fixed in. Thanks for the great site, it’s saved me a lot of time phoning round suppliers.


    Isupply confirmed today they do not support economy 10 tariff seriously dissapointing customer services non existent only way to get through is by saying you don’t have an account and are a new client – they have also hiked their prices by an incredible amount – costs have gone through the roof and their attitude is negative what a shame form only 2 years ago !!


    Well done Mark with this new site…

    We are on year 2 of a 3 year deal with iSupply. We use E10 on their E7 rates and find the E10 timing very good and cheap if used ‘intelligently’ (ha-ha… (or in the modern idiom LOL!)).
    We have had no trouble at all with this company and are regularly updated and notified when messages are on their website for us. We have a single 2-tariff meter and were previously using EDF fixed tariff as this was the supplier when bought the property.

    Our storage rads are very old and we manually turn them on and off or via their respective mains switches. We sometimes use only the afternoon period (to heat for the evening) because the house otherwise too warm into the overnight period and then overheats in the 5-hour period into the early morning. I would imagine E7 users are well aware and frustrated by their 7-hour block-timing which is leaves their houses only comfortable for breakfast and then wallet-busting to keep the house warm into the evening.
    We control hot water via a digital timer which has a backup battery to keep the clock alive when we manually turn the power off (often do this in summer).

    I have heard today that EDF and others about to hike the price of electricity (end-of-Summer 2018) again so hold-on tight…


    I am up for renewal with Isupply on their direct debit tarif ending August 3 for my E10 supply. Their prices ( ifix 12month Direct Debit Aug 19) have increased for night use from 7.558p to 10.584p while day rate only from 14.734 to 15.792 so I guess they know a lot of their business is coming fromnight rates ie E7/E10. As so few suppliers accept E10 I guess will have to stick with them.

    The Big Deal brought up Affect Energy at much lower night rate at just 6.93p ( where most of my costs derive) but realised at last minute they cant support E10.


    email received from iSupply 13/4/18:
    Dear Mark
    Thank you for your query and I apologise for the delay in responding. With regards to your questions;
    [] We offer E7 tariffs for E10 meters
    [] Currently iSupplyEnergy does not do meter installations.
    [] We are unable to support the more complex 3-rate and 2-MPAN (related) meters.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind Regards
    Sales Support Coordinator


    Hi Ian, about to move into new property in Norfolk with E10 meter, how have iSupply been? Cheers, Alex.


    Not technically related to e10 but I saw in the FT that Vattenfall a Swedish is taking over isupply, they are a large energy provider and according to FT they are using the purchase as a means to challenge the big 6 providers, will be interesting to see how this pans out and how it affects prices at isupply.



    After experiencing some serious price hikes from OVO after not only being a loyal customer but a long serving one also – they refused to negotiate and gave out a ridiculous statement as to why prices had increased so moved to ISupply – so far so good and polite Staff who actually understand economy 10 – small so don’t expect a new smart meter or instant replies or fst responses but they do get there – 12 months contract so let’s see how they go Ian B Norfolk


    We signed up for iSupply in December for 3 years – glad we did now. E10 is a very sensible tariff applicable to the modern use of energy and modern/efficient devices and the targetting of it by EDF is pernicious and unreasonable. When the EDF Hinckley Point reactor is built close to us we will have a reminder of how greedy some companies can be….

    Our relationship with iSupply is and has been good and I would recommend them.


    Merseyside and North Wales (MANWEB as was) Region 13


    Thanks Jon, very welcome.

    Can I check what DNO region of the UK you’re in? (It’s the first two digits of your MPAN – e.g. central scotland is 18)


    This is great stuff, Mark. Big virtual round of applause.

    I can add the following updates for I-supply.
    I renewed just last month. Ifix 201710 []

    Merry Xmas.



    All the best and really hope iSupply works out well for you. It’s very close and definitely one of the best deals on Economy 10. Will keep you posted on SP in case you’re interested, should find out soon


    I’ve just checked the ‘Renewal offer’ from iSupply Energy and the price hike/hype is for real! The charges changed [] on 21 November! ;((
    So I’ve signed up, to cut my losses!


    Interesting observations. Here are mine:
    I have been with ‘I supply energy’ for a year and have certainly saved money.
    Their offices are less than a mile away but it has been impossible to record my meter readings through their web site so have been forced to send them in messages. They apologise and give excuses but the matter never gets resolved – most frustrating.
    My next contract, just begun, will be most interesting!


    Hello Sarah,
    I read your comments about customer service from isupplyenergy & thought I would let you know my experience with them.I now regret entering into a second year with isupplyenergy as the difference in attitude from their customer service compared to my first year could not be more different.I have seen a significant deterioration.In the first year I found them helpful and accommodating.In the second year they seem to have adopted an aggressive and very overbearing attitude to the point of being confrontational for no reason at all.I will be actively seeking an alternative E10 supplier after my contract with isupply energy ends as ,quite frankly,I really do not like the manner in which they now seem to conduct themselves.The standard of customer service now employed by isupplyenergy is appalling and I will be voting with my feet as soon as possible.Perhaps when they sign you as a customer they feel they no longer have to be civil to you.Good interpersonal skills seem no longer to be one of their customer service strong points.


    Hi Mark
    This is a brilliant website of yours!
    I first used it last year when I was considering switching (for the first time) from SSE and, using your Mar 2015 tariffs sheet, I switched to iSupplyEnergy and they haven’t let me down.
    Now that my deal is up for renewal in Dec 2016 I am intrigued to see if iSupplyEnergy will fare as well for 2016. BTW although iSupplyEnergy are an on-line only supplier, I have spoken to their customer services on a couple of occasions and they were always helpful and cordial (almost what you’d expect from a family run business!).
    I look forward to seeing your 2016 update.
    Many thanks again for this invaluable site,


    Quick weigh in iSupply: the rates seem good – it’s between iSupply and Scottish Power for me (will prob go with SP ultimately) – but I was a little concerned about the lack of environmental credentials mentioned on here and thought I’d look into it for myself.

    After requesting information on this from i Supply (helpful customer service) – I recieved an email from them:

    “As a smaller energy company without our own power generation facilities, we buy our energy from SSE and our renewable mix is therefore aligned with theirs.

    Below is a link to a statement of disclosure from SSE on their energy mix:

    SSE and therefore iSupply Energy are above the UK average in this regard, but in the not too distance future we’ll be launching a green product to further demonstrate our commitment to renewables.


    The same happened when I applied to OVO– they seem not to have a specific E10 deal but are quite happy to use the two rates from an E10 meter and price as if E7.


    Sarah; iSupply E7 tariff mentioned in the survey at the top of this page says E7 but this tariff can be used on an E10 meter. We disclosed our change to E10 meter when asking for a quote and were directed to the E7 tariff to use. Thus; E7 tariff is also E10 tariff via iSupply and their E10 prices are the same as their E7 tariff above. the rates above are seriously out of date and are now cheaper – when getting a quote from the website there will very likely be a saving as iSupply quote runs from the take-up date.


    My comment is correct.
    I-Supply use their E-7 tariff for E-10

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