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    Just phoned M+S this evening (as they had installed my original E10 meter 4 years ago but I then moved on to better rates elsewhere). I was told they definately DO support E10 meters, just need to wait for their experts in this area to call me back within 1-5 working days.


    M&S has ended it’s agreement with SSE to supply it under the M&S energy and now partners with octopus energy, just wandering if anyone has made enquiries as to weather they still support e10, I suspect it will be the same as the setup octopus offers i.e e7 rates?


    I just contacted M&S about economy 10 and got a reply from Octopus. Here is what they said about my meter and their prices. I am Eastern Region for electricity. My current meter has only 2 readings.
    I’ve just had a look on the national database, it seems that you did have another meter point for your meter (for the economy 10 set up). However, it seems this has now been disconnected.
    I’ve just had a look and your off peak times are between 02:30 – 07:30.
    DAY RATE: 18.6375 kWh
    NIGHT RATE: 10.0905 kWh
    STANDING CHARGE: 22.155 per day

    According to E.On who are my current supplier, my off peak times are as follows.
    12am to 5am and 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to 10pm ( = 10 hours ).

    Can anyone explain the difference in the hours. Is someone telling me porkies ?

    I guess I will switch to M&S and trust my meter readings are based on Economy 10 hours.


    Further to my post above, M&S Energy are going ahead with the switch – so far so good.

    When I approached Octopus directly, they wanted me to get E.On to change my Midata before they would touch me. E.On could not see what their problem was.

    I didn’t pursue it, but it does seem to depend on who you speak to.


    Interested to know what M&S are telling you re latest tariffs and beyond Apr. 2nd 2022?

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