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    I have an economy 10 meter installed by Our Power, who have recently ceased trading. Their rates were good but customer service was a disaster, I have no final bills and no idea of how much I am still in credit. I was switched to Utilia by Ofgen, turns out though that they don’t do Economy 10, just 7. I have tried numerous times to contact them to see if I am already on Economy 7 and if so, what are there times, no response. I have no need for central heating and my water is heated through a sunamp battery charging via 7.5 KW of PV on the roof and charging fully at night. I use appliances during the Eco 10 hours in the afternoon as much as possible. I would sacrifice eco 10 for eco 7 if I could get good deal and if I don’t need to change my meter, but I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get sensible information online from anyone and losing the will to live trying to get through via telephone by the time I finish work. Utilia have been useless, I cant even work out if I am already on Economy 7 tarriff with them rather than Eco 10.

    If anyone can answer the meter question i.e. can I go on to an Eco 7 tariff using my existing Eco 10 meter I would be very grateful.

    Also, if anyone has any pointers to that elusive company with good deals and good service….

    I don’t understand why this is SO difficult!


    Sadly an Economy 7 meter is another animal – the timing segments for off-peak metering are physically built into the meter, so the answer to your first question is No. But, you must have two rates on your meter so if you look at the reading at the beginning of the afternoon off-peak period boil a kettle or two, finish the ironing then. at the end of the off-peak period, only the rate meter for the off-peak should show an increase. That should tell you if you are still on E10 (my guess is that you are if nobody has fiddled with your meter). Be careful though, the exact timings of these periods aren’t exactly governed by a chronometer and sometimes they can be quite a bit out e.g. on my E10 tariff the afternoon segment should be from 13:00 to 16:00 Hrs but it actually switches from 13:32 until 16:32 Hrs on the meter. This is done deliberately (the meter times are staggered) by the electricity suppliers so that at 13:00 Hrs there wouldn’t be a huge surge on the mains as everyone on E10 switched on their appliances. Hope this helps.
    PS Try stopping your payments one month to Utilia – bet they react quickly!!


    thanks Wingco39 for your reply, that is really useful to know re E7 and E10 not being interchangeable. I am slowly getting to the bottom of what might be making it particularly difficult to change suppliers, it turns out that the Our Power contracted engineer fitted our E10 meter, showed us the two tariff is on the smart meter etc, but then failed to update the national database of meters. As I paid by direct debit and didn’t see a final bill from our power, I didn’t realise that for the last year they have billed me on a single tariff! Three weeks in and I am still waiting for them to sort this out despite weekly phonecalls. So, I have a meter that is wrongly assigned on the national database so nobody can provide an E10 switch, and who knows how innacurate my bills for the last year meanwhile Utilitia cannot give me any information about what tariff I am on now at all. You couldn’t make it up. I’m going to take it up with Ofgem next.

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