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    Hi Matt,
    Go into the menu on this website and check out list of suppliers for E10. Ring them up and mention at the start that you want E10 tarriff with 10 hours off peak not 7 hours and also confirm the hours and prices. Some of the suppliers are:
    Our power energy, good energy, green energy uk, I supply energy, together energy, tonik.
    Hope that helps.
    Best regards




    I moved into my property 3 years ago and I have storage heaters and gas for hot water and hob .

    So I was using economy 7 for 2 years and then due to change of working times wife at home in the day with kids.. etc…So moved over to E10 start of the year . Thought that E10 times would suit us much better.

    Latest bill from SSE says we are down on our use from last year but want to up our monthly DD by an extra 100!! Based on last year’s bills!

    Looking for a new supplier obviously as looking SSE are not great.

    Contacted the energy people and have had a reply saying they could take us on but would loose the midday E10 tariff and go onto there E7 .

    Does this mean I would basically go back to midnight to 7am hours .. which is no good for us !

    This is not E10 if that’s the case surely

    My head is done in with all this economy usage stuff etc .
    Can’t afford a full rip out of heating for gas boiler installation .

    Should I go onto a single use meter and how bad would the old storage heaters be costing me ????????

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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