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    hi my daughter has 2 MPANs one for storage heating and hot water and for domestic electricity but the problem being we can only change to a E 10 in her area and i do not understand why and no one can explain why ( cannot give her an E7 which would be a lot better for her ) her mearte has also been caller a RHT or weather call metre we are just very confused and frustrated

    thanks simmons


    Hello , I haven’t ever heard of meters being described as ‘alien’. I have heard of complex, but not ‘alien’. Does your daughter use electricity for an immersion heater or storage heaters or does she have gas central heating and water heated by a combi boiler? I have a complex meter (see my posting on the E.on existing customers thread). How many MPAN’s does she have? I need to have my meter changed and E.on can offer me either Economy 7 or Economy 10.


    hi can you help my daughter has just moved and tried to switch supplier to be told she has an alien meter when we called eon to ask for a e7 meter were told we could only have a e10 in our area but no reason why does anyone know the reason for this as i can not find any info about this



    Also could be a good money maker if there was a comparison site for Eco 10 tariffs, would save so much time!


    I have rung round for my area (East of England) and got the best rate with iSupply! Saving myself £400 a year!
    Was quite shocked to see iSupply on the updated list as they weren’t interested last year.
    Thank you Mark for creating this, huge credit to you!


    Hi James,
    Yes you can swap companies. Edf is one of the very expensive ones. Other companies that do support e10 tarriffs are:
    Our power energy, ovo energy, I supply energy, so energy, green energy uk, good energy, M&S energy, octopus energy, together energy. If you go into menu on this website you can see price from e10 suppliers for your region. Check those prices and ring the s with good prices. Make sure to confirm that they give 10 hours of off peak electricity not 7 hours like in E7 or that could be another option for you.
    Thank you



    I currently live in an old barn, wooden windows, high ceilings etc, however we have no gas to the property so we are using EDF economy 10 warmwise tariff, as it is heated with storage heaters. The second downside is we had an extension finish in Jan, and since we are paying £300pm!!! I have contacted EDF, who assure me this is ok, and have been through there checklist and apparently this is about right. They also told me that they are the only company that can use this meter and therefore I cannot swap companies to a cheaper tariff, any ideas if I can change companies while keeping the economy 10, and if this costs seems high? If a can change any recommendations on cheap E10 companies or any ideas on how to compare.



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