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    nPower was acquired Jan 2019 and accounts transferred to E.On. [-]


    Hi I have E 10 meter and I’m supplied by npower, interested to see you state they do not supply this. I’m experiencing problems with them, seem to be overcharging me by over estimating my usage. I have checked with them many times that they definitely do supply e1, always say yes. I have a large electric storage heater heats and circulates water to radiators. Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Another thank you from me. I look into this every year as my bill goes up at a frightening rate and every year I am frustrated by the lack of information. I am currently with nPower and by my maths they still come out the cheapest [] however their billing and customer service are horrendous. They calculate their own particular estimated usage and adjust your monthly payments accordingly (in their favour of course!), if you know what you actually use and firmly tell them that you are paying that they don’t argue because they seem quite confused themselves. But it is hard work, sometimes I have to phone through readings several times because some staff don’t know what to do with 3 readings. I don’t even let the meter man in the door because he can only take two readings and this screws the whole system up.
    Use them if you dare!
    Problem is everyone uses electricity differently so without doing the maths advice is useless. I am all electric so choices are limited however thanks to this website I feel slightly more in control of the situation.



    I’d just like to say a huge thank you for this website. I have just moved in to my first flat and was a bit stumped when NPower said they couldn’t give me a quote as I was on an E10 meter, I suppose that explains the 5 meter readings though! Was very thankful to find this website and get a very thorough and understandable explanation. Already had COOP tell me they no longer support the E10 but fingers crossed for OVO. Just glad I took the whole day off to deal with it!

    Thanks again!


    I have just moved into a new flat 3 months ago, I’m still waiting for N POWER to come back with an account. They have supplied me with economy 7 ratings and handily the timings for E7 not E10. How difficult is this type of heating??? Is moving company a nightmare?


    I found most of the large companies a total nightmare to deal with when it comes to economy 10, but much better with the smaller companies as you can generally speak to a ‘real’ person easier. Personally, switching to Ovo was a breeze.


    On npower Heatwise 1 DD tariff in south east. From march [] basically they putting up tariff by 5% and s/c by 22%, yet still seems cheaper than others I called. Ovo on your list seems to be obvious one to switch too, but as others said [] no tv as competitive as your survey rates, alas. Great site by way, good work, very useful to have info in one place


    Another addition to Mark’s excellent listing is that npower do supply Economy 10, but like to keep it a a closely guarded secret, even to the extent of rarely sending out bills on time or lettiing their E10 ( they call it Super Tariff) customers have on line accounts. Super Tariff wef 16/03/17 on Direct Debit ( which they call Super Tariff DD) []. The normal use day/night rates are the same as their Economy 7 rates, the heat rate is now slightly cheaper than their E7 night rate.
    It is ironic that E10 tariffs are so hard to track down.The whole (expensive) rationale for smart meter installation is to enable time of use billing to be implemented to encourage energy efficiency, which E10 does already….


    Hi Mark – your list of suppliers says that n-power do not support E10. My daughter has just moved into a flat in Edinburgh where the supplier is actually n-Power and the letting agent says the supply is E10. How do you actually determine if the supply is E10 or E7 ? There are definitely two meters, and we were thinking of a switch to OVO, but too confused to do anything at present. Eddy


    Hi Eddy, n-Power historically did support E10 but they don’t offer it to new customers now. They’re obliged to continue supporting existing customers but you might find their prices aren’t that competitive. It’s worth getting a couple of other quotes to see how they compare.

    Cheers, Mark


    Thank you- i will, and OVO appear to be an alternative.



    Ovo great customer we service was with them for many years until recently when they decided to hike their prices off the scale so went to I supply. – also been to SSE as well as EDF years gone past and some strange occurrences in regards to their understanding of E 10 – sometimes when I rang they said we do not do E10 strange I said as I am an E10 Customer – think it is regional and think it is not on the training agenda as an open offer. Good luck


    Will accept e10 customers on a single rate tariff i.e no off peak rate


    I received a letter today from npower basically advising that they will no longer be supporting economy 10 (or economy 7 by the looks of it) for existing customers from 1st October. My bill is shooting up by £303.44 per year due to this. Luckily I should be moving house soon, so not really an issue unless I have to stay beyond October. I’ve tried to switch a few times, but most of the competitors who support economy 10 either charged more, or about the same as npower. Now would be a good time to switch if you found yourself in the same position as me.


    It would say npower discontinuing e10 support is unsurprising now they have been purchased by eon who have already done this and npower customers are being migrated on to eons new customer service platform, npower customers are the guinea pigs for this new platform

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