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    As far as we know, Octopus Energy still supports Economy 10.  Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    Thank you for the very useful article and comments.
    I just contacted Octopus Energy and, for an E10 meter with 1 MPAN they will let me switch to their 12 months E7 fixed tariff (if I had 2 MPAN they would charge me 2x standing charges, apparently).[] My E10 meter (fitted by EON) gives me 10 cheap hours overnight, all in one block – I don’t know how usual that is but apparently it means my meter is listed as E7 on the national data base.
    Octopus have excellent customer service reviews so I thought I’d go with them instead of the cheaper Scottish Power as their reviews seem pretty bad.


    Tried Octopus – they said they don’t do Economy 10. Quote: “You would have to pay 2 standing charges with us, as you have two meter point numbers, and we are charged to supply both meter points.”. No other supplier has mentioned this, and I can see that previously Octopus has quoted for E10 for some people!


    Hi Jools, I am currently in contact with someone at octopus and have queried this as I received a similar reply and will post here once I get a reply. It’s s little frustrating having to challenge a lot of suppliers because they don’t always fully understand e10 setup etc


    Hey Jools, this was the reply I received from octopus “I understood Economy 10 to implicate 2 MPANs. There would be a workaround, but it wouldn’t offer you the best customer experience. The 10 cheaper hours are broken down into 7 + 3, we don’t have a plan that allows us to record these. ” I did explain my meter only has one mpan and he asked me to send to him for him to look at, for me they aren’t the cheapest so I’m happy to leave it at that, if anyone has a different experience feel free to share please


    email received from Octopus 23/3/18:
    Hi Mark,

      Yes, we would bill them on a standard peak/off-peak tariff set up for eco 10 – we don’t have a peak/off-peak/super off-peak tariff (I believe some of the bigger suppliers have specific tariffs like this for white meters & comfortplus).
      We would charge a second standing charge if the customer had two MPAN’s.
      My understanding of most three rate meters is that there will be a peak/off-peak meter and a single rate meter on two MPAN’s; we would bill the two rate meter on a peak/off-peak tariff, and the single rate meter on a single rate tariff.
      Currently, we’d be unable to exchange a meter for an economy 10 meter. I know that some suppliers are able to do this, but currently we’ve not got the contracts in place with our engineering firm to fit an eco 10. This may change at some point.



    Hey Mark

    Octopus is listed in both do and do not support lists. please can you correct. Thanks:)


    Quoted me E7 rates over the phone today


    Thanks for the updates – topics combined and moved to the ‘SUPPORTS’ forum, and the title updated. Prices are displayed on the Price Summaries.



    Need a smart meter for the tariff below, but it does give 4hour overnight @ 5p and a cheapish peak price
    From their web site, they will fit the meter.I’m not changing but might suit some.

    Octopus Go
    A peak unit price – the price you’ll be charged per unit of energy you use most of the time, between 4.30am and 12.30am. (This varies a little depending on where you are in the country, but usually hovers around 13-14p/kWh)
    An off-peak unit price – what you’ll be charged per unit of energy used between 12.30 am and 4.30am. (This is 5p/kWh, no matter where you are)
    And a standing charge of 25p/ day.


    Well, I signed up online saying I had an E7 meter. So far it looks like it’s going through.
    I will see what happens in a month or two and feedback.


    Thought I’d try Octopus again as the number of suppliers who support E10 is getting frustratingly smaller and smaller each year it seems…

    I got this reply. They don’t seem to understand how the meter works (“losing three hours”) and I find it annoying that they say they have to charge for two MPANs when we have one meter!

    I think perhaps they should be moved to the “not supporting” section.

    Hi Jools,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    Unfortunately we are don’t offer an Economy 10 tariffs as of yet. We can have you on one of our standard tariffs, however for every MPAN you have at your property, you will be charged a standing charge for and you would lose 3 hours of your off peak electricity times.

    Also, if your meters were ever faulty, we wouldn’t be able to exchange your meter like for like.

    Hopefully this is something we will look at introducing in the future, but for the time being we are unable offer an Economy 10 tariff.

    If you would like a quote that is great however you will have to pay 1 standing charges for each meter.

    If you need anything further, please let me know.

    I hope this helps!

    Kindest regards,


    Have you tried phoning them? Then if the call centre person sarts talking rubbish ask to speak to a manager. I certainly got quoted E7 rates for an existing E10 meter when I actually spoke to someone.


    So, is anyone with the economy 10 meter already with Octopus? What tariff did they put you on? Do you get the 10 off peak hours?
    Called them last week and they told I’d be put on Economy7 tariffs and get just 7 off peak hours in total, which doesn’t really make much sense to me as E10 meter’s off peak times cannot be modified as far as I now.



    Just switching to Octopus, from Together Energy (has to be a better experience).

    Contacted by phone to check on E10 meter, the customer service person just took my postcode and address to check the meter and said it was an E7 meter, which it isn’t. But going with them anyway. The rates were different to the Together quote but not wildly and the calculated total was nearly the same.

    See how it works out.


    I’ve just arranged a switch from Ovo to Octopus. They’re happy to take on my single MPAN E10 meter. They did warn that if the meter developed a fault they would not be able to replace it. I’ll take that risk for now as their rates are significantly cheaper than Ovo’s renewal rates, even after allowing for Ovo’s 5% reward on being £600 in credit and discount for being fully ‘online’.


    Just now signed up my E10 with Octopus (single MPAN number) by phone. Person taking my call was fully aware of what I wanted, gave me their E7 tariff as shown on their website, absolutely no problems. He said they get several calls like this now each day. Just wait now for the switchover formalities to complete……


    Have recently moved from SEE to Octopus the only issue I had was convincing them at outset have a one MPAN number E10 meter – the number is quoted in my case in the ‘Supply Number’ box on each SEE account statement produced (bottom row of figures).

    The property I live in was built circa 2009 so would assume anyone with an E10 meter installed this time onwards is likely to have one MPAN number.

    Offered Octopus 12M Fixed April 2019 v1 which at the time was the standard E7 tariff.


    Don’t bother with Octopus if you have an E10 smart meter. The claim they can accommodate with E7 pricing on E10 times. Nonsense, they’ve messed everything up and my meter is now showing my off peak rate between 12 -7am. Can’t believe they’ve ballsed this up.


    Sorry to hear of the problems you’re having, I’d recommend logging a complaint with octopus energy to try and resolve this.

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