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    A couple of months ago I asked Ofem

    “Please could you provide copies of any policies, statements, guidelines or similar documents referring to Economy 10 tariffs, especially anything mandating suppliers to serve existing Economy 10 meters, and anything stating what tariffs must be made available to customers with smart meters who continue to require an Economy 10 tariff.”

    Reply as follows:

    “I apologise for not responding to your question earlier. In response to your request Ofgem does not have specific policies relating to Economy 10 meters, however they are encompassed in restricted meter policy documents. Please find information on these meters here: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/insights-paper-households-electric-and-other-non-gas-heating

    For additional information, on 1 September 2017, the CMA’s remedy on restricted meter tariffs, which includes Economy 10 tariffs, comes into force. The remedy obliges suppliers with over 50,000 domestic customers to offer their single-rate tariff offerings to their restricted meter customers. These customers can switch to these single-rate tariffs (if they choose to do so) without changing their existing meters.”


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