Old Northern Electric N power super tariff meter

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    Jo Bruce

    My property has a old telemeter , called supertariff , Which is I understand economy 10 as I get 7 hours at night , 3 during peak for my heat

    It’s approx 20 years old

    It has 4 readings

    Day ..night

    Day ( never moves ) And night heat ( which my night storage heaters use

    I’ve just switched suplliers , they said I can change to a economy 7 meter as my meter is analogue and the signal will be switched out in the near future

    Question is , is this true !?? Or scare tactics ..

    I like my afternoon boost as we need it sometimes as it’s freezing in north east

    Do I need to change wiring to accommodate the new meter at a cost to me ??? One advisor said yes I’d need to get it looked at … One said no … confused??

    Do they do all that Meter change at a cost to them ???

    My understanding is an electrician can’t do anything as it’s illegal to open seals on meter .. the wiring there works already for my heaters so why can’t it work for my new meter when it’s installed

    Thank you in advance


    Hello Jo

    It is indeed correct they plan to switch off the teleswitch in the future (date not determined) however this would not stop your meter working even after the switch off, it just means your clock may not change between BST/GMT when the clocks change.

    You can continue with your current meter with no issues, you would only be forced to have a new meter for safety/faulty metering or if ofgem decides mandates that the meters are discontinued.

    With e10 a switch to e7 should not require any changes to your own internal wiring if you only have a single electricity meter and all meter changes are free with the vast majority of suppliers, only a handful of smaller suppliers still charge and they must make you aware of the charge when you book an appointment if there is

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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