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Peoples Energy Company

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    As far as we know, Peoples Energy still supports Economy 10.  Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    email received from Peoples Energy Company 8/3/18:
    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for your email.
    Unfortunately we do not have an economy 10 tariff.
    We can supply economy 10 meters, however, we can only bill them to an economy 7 tariff.
    Customer Service Specialist
    The Peoples Energy Company Ltd


    Signed up with People’s Energy today. The 9.1p per unit off peak tariff is very attractive. . . large heat pump…! Prices today match those already on the price comparison pages on this site. No fixed price deals, just the same variable tarriff they use for E7 customers.
    Very quick to email about the direct debit. Didn’t ask for details about present energy supplier, and their postcode to address mapping pop-up doesn’t match the one that the other energy companies use, (the naming of my house differs between various address databases!) so this may slow them down a bit. We’ll see. I’ll post my experiences on this forum as we progress.


    People’s energy will replace your meter with a e7 meter if it develops a fault.


    Just got off the phone with People’s Energy, and was told they do not fully support Economy 10. Although they will take over an Economy 10 meter, they will only supply at the off-peak rate for seven hours a day. In my case, this would mean that the three-hour period I currently get at off-peak rates in the afternoon would be billed at peak rates.

    Essentially, if you can live with only getting seven hours of off-peak electricity per day, People’s Energy are a viable choice, but if you need/want the full ten hours you will need to look elsewhere.


    Hi, QuantumCaffei, All

    I’m with People’s Energy. Compared with previous suppliers they have been a delight as a supplier. Still have an E10 meter, so whilst I’m being billed at their E7 tariff rates, the meter readings are for 10 hours of off peak use. Not quite the cheapest, but entirely stress-free.

    If I have a faulty meter, I’ll have to change suppliers, but until that happens I’m a happy customer.


    Just checked the prices page. I’ve done People’s Energy a huge dis-service. THEY ARE THE CHEAPEST! Happy days…


    Hi QuantumCaffeine,

    To echo jonlea’s point about 7/10 hours… the offpeak times are programmed directly into the meter, the supplier doesn’t have any control over setting these times. So your E10 meter will record TEN hours of your electricity usage against the ‘offpeak’ rate. You give your supplier the ‘offpeak’ meter readings and they bill you accordingly.

    You will always get TEN hours offpeak, regardless of whether the supplier wants to bill you for seven or gives you an E7 tariff.


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    As a follow-up to my earlier comments when I signed up with them, I am happy to report that my time with People’s Energy has been totally trouble free.
    Their level of customer service has been exemplary. I get a monthly reminder to upload meter readings, and a monthly bill within a couple of hours of submitting.
    There have been no instances of needless adjustment of direct debit amounts, which I had issues with with 2 previous suppliers (I have a heat pump, and my usage varies seasonally, which seems to trigger a knee jerk adjustment to DD amounts)
    The small amount of credit which had been built up over the year was promptly refunded without question.
    I have recently changed to a 2 year fixed price tariff.
    They even helped me resolve a dispute with my previous energy supplier.
    Can’t fault them.

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