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    Anyone else with SSE noticed that, despite their announcing a rise in electricity of 14.9% in April, E10 increase is just under an astonishing 22%?!! (SW Scotland)

    Still probably below what the standard variable rate would work out to be but, nevertheless, very sneaky.


    Follow-up to my recent report of SSE increasing my E10 unit rates by 22% next month: I rang SSE to query their figures and was told that “someone” must have made a mistake. Who? and how the hell?! I ask myself. Was it just me, or have others been alarmed to receive incorrect information?

    I have been promised a new letter with correct figures. We’ll see.

    So, sorry for being a bit hasty and conveying wrong info to you.


    Marian – Good Energy has just put up their Gas standing charge by a whopping 32%!
    And I have it in print! Much as I like being green 32% is just outrageous …..
    Time for me to move i think …….


    I’m with EOn on E10. Received letter this morning regarding price increases.The day rate and night rate are both up about 20% from April.
    Looks as if the increases are across all the major suppliers.


    Received the “correct” figures from SSE, which turn out to be 22%, as originally stated! The Complaints dept rang me to talk about it, and he said that the announced 14.9% was an average – huh.

    I did, however, discover from him that to get the fixed rate on E10 you no longer have to go paperless (it has dawned on them that not everyone uses the internet for everything). A pity they didn’t change the rules before the price rise!!


    My existing contract with SSE, 1 year fixed rate v6 E10, expires on 18 April 2017, their quote for my payments after that date would change to £233 per month from the present £171 per month. I rang customer services to ask about fixed rate deals and have been quoted for 1 year fixed rate v10 E10 a monthly £230. I queried the individual rates and was quoted peak 19.39p (up from 11.98p on v6), off-peak 12.85p (up from 7.94 on v6), standing charge 14.80p (down from 21.92 on v6). This is a 61.8% increase apart from the standing charge.

    I see from your compiled prices at Dec 2016 SSE rates were13.7p and 9.5p for v9, so this is a massive increase since December 2016 (35-40%). Has anyone else seen this? I will now be looking to change suppliers.


    I am phoning around a lot of companies just now and a lot say they do not supply my area, does anyone here know if there is a site that collates all suppliers by region so it would be eassier to look up?


    Tracy, thanks for all your input so far, much appreciated.

    And yes you’ve discovered exactly the problem we’re facing. Unfortunately there’s no website that does this for E10 – we’re it!

    I was going to try and do a complete summary myself, but I realised that for 14 DNO regions x (say) a dozen electricity suppliers = approx 200 quotes I’d need to get. It’s not possible as a part-time hobby! So I’m hoping if I can collate all the quotes and prices that everyone is currently getting, I can produce a list that’s tailored to each of the 14 regions, and with pricing that’s more up-to-date than I’ve managed so far. The web-form I’m using is here:

    Here’s hoping!


    Hey guys, I’ll get all my quotes etc together tomorrow and upload them to the docs Mark mentioned, interesting to see npower supporting e10 , a lot of people burning the midnight oil tonight I see


    Thanks Michael, any problems with the form just drop me an email:

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