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    Keep up the good work, Mark – look forward to seeing the price comparisons.


    Hi. Interesting read. May I just ask about the column titled ‘Indicative bill.’ I’m looking at the EDF prices and you saying that it costs approx £150 a month? That is madness. I don’t even spend half that on Gas & Electric combined. I’m moving to an electric only property soon so shopping around.


    Thanks Tracey! I’ve assumed a certain level of usage for the indicative bill, to make the tariffs comparable. Each person will of course have their own usage level so this would change for your own particular circumstances. And the fact you had gas heating means this would be much lower in practice, although I’d suggest the E10 tariff only really makes sense if you have electric heating.


    What a wonderful service you are providing. thank you so much. I am trying to get the best deal for my elderly parents, and it’s proved to be a complete minefield. This is so helpful


    Many thanks for your efforts.I have 3 meters & no one wants to know.I seem to be stuck with EON which does’nt seem too bad although with underfloor heating the bills are pretty large!!
    Thanks again
    Ged clark


    Thanks Ged. If you’ve got more than one meter this can be particularly tricky as you need to know exactly how your house is wired up before you can switch. I’d ways recommend having a friendly electrician check out the wiring first so you can explain it to the electricity company if you’re thinking of switching.


    Mark, thanks for the hard work in pulling all this together.

    FYI I am with Green Energy. No idea what tariff, Recently our old radio economy 10 meter went faulty and was replaced with two meters. We are charged two standing charges that amount to 39.56p per day, and our electricity is charged as follows Stored £0.0651/per KWh, Night £0.0651/per KWh, and day £0.1568/per KWh.




    Well done you! This is the first price comparison I have seen for e10. I live in a block of 9 flats with e10 and will pass this around. Thanks for the effort.


    Really useful info……thanks Mark for doing the legwork on this. I got a slightly higher quote from Co-op ….probably reflecting regional differences (I’m Perthshire).


    Thanks Sue!

    I’m in central Scotland which seems to be one of the cheapest areas, so these prices are only valid for that region, but the relative differences between companies should be similar. I’ll be doing a follow-up post on why prices vary by region (up to 20% in some cases), but I’ve got a bit more data to collect first, will keep you posted…


    Good info Mark. I have had my Economy 10 pay as you go meter for about two weeks now. I have put £25 on and still going. Had the heating on, washing, dishwasher etc. So compared to having the totally wrong meter for an all electric, air source heating “eco” house and putting about £30 or £40 per week on, for the last THREE years, this is certainly a lot better for me. Going to see how it goes for the next month or so and then get the pay as you go taken out and pay monthly, as I should be able to afford it:)


    Hi Mark

    Thanks for compiling this info. It’s very much needed.

    A question:

    What does the “type” column mean, especially where it says “E7”? Does that mean that some suppliers will support an E10 meter with E7 priced tarrif?



    Hi Andrew, yes that’s exactly it, some suppliers have specific Economy 10 tariffs, and some just apply the peak/off peak rates from their economy 7 tariffs and treat them all as “two-rate” meters.


    Hi. Thanks for the reply and yes I will have electric heating in the new property. I have emailed the agent to request current supplier and tariff and forgot to check the meter when I went last. Never had storage heaters and all that so wasn’t prominent in my mind. I checked out EDF website and couldn’t find the E10 tariff on there?

    Which type of electric heating do you have?

    Regards, Tracey


    Hi Paulene

    I nearly choked when I read your post. £30 or £40 a week? what tariff were you on? I am just about to move into an electric only flat and really worried about the cost.


    I would like to add my gratitude and appreciation for your selfless hard work and dedication on behalf of your fellow consumers. I have renewed my Economy 10 again with OVO energy which is the best deal I could get in the South West London area. I looked at all the other companies who were significantly more expensive. I find that by running as many of the the houshold electricity machines as possible during the E10 cheaper times that my “off peak” meter reads are significantly higher than the “peak”ones.I believe this is the only way to get the best out of E10. Having said that utility prices in the UK still remain very expensive.I thought privatisation was meant to drive down prices but it clearly has not worked ! Many thanks.


    Hi Liam, thanks for the comments. Yes there is an optimal ‘break even’ point where it makes sense to use the E10 meter, although if not enough usage is in the off-peak times then it’s sometimes actually cheaper to go for a single-rate meter. I’ll include this as a topic for a future post.



    Just like to add my appreciation too. It really a is great to have all this info in one place. We have been with EDF for about three years and am pleased to see that, although it’s variable, they do try to stay competitive it seems. I have no reason to switch just now (which is a relief bearing in mind the hassle of doing so). We have an electric aga so it works well with that and if you run all your main appliances at off peak times I think that makes it preferable to other tariffs.
    Keep up the good work.


    Thanks Chris! I’m a bit of a fan of the the greener (and slightly cheaper) tariffs from the smaller providers, but EDF isn’t too far behind them. Hopefully putting the prices up on the blog will keep the pricing competitive.


    hi mark,
    I phonede SSE yesterday to confirm the prices of Economy 10 tariff, they are different from your ie 3 year fixed rate []. I have been with them for a while but they keep putting their prices up so am looking for a new supplier. Kind regards Chris


    Hi Christine, thanks for the feedback. Are you in the Central Scotland region (zone 18)? If not then the prices in your region will be vary from my survey – prices are different across the 14 UK zones. I’ll be doing a post shortly on why this is, and how much they vary.

    Cheers, Mark.


    I am glad found this website about Economy 10. It’s really hard to find info about Economy 10 and tariff comparison as u can’t find it in any price comparison sites. Your web clearly help me out here. My flat has economy 10 meter. Been with Npower till now. They used to have E10 tariff back then but not anymore but I still stuck with them. They changed my tariff to Standard Electricity. I want to change provider but couldn’t find prices to any provider that provide E10. You are a God send so now I can decide which provider to go to. Thanks again.
    It just one more thing.. how about the Heat rate. There”s 3 reading for E10 meter 1. Day, 2. Night, 3. Heat.



    Hi Mark,
    This is fab, I have been tearing my hair out as our electicity bills are getting out of hand.
    We pay £175 pm and our supplier wants to increase the direct debit to £229!!!
    We live in a 2 bed converted farm cottage, and yes it does get very cold. We have installed a wood burner in the kitchen and have had insulation put into the roof so why are the bills getting higher?!!!
    We are with M&S energy and have E10, I noticed you included them in the suppliers that DONT do the E10 tariffs, however they do, we have been with them for 4 years but need to find a cheaper supplier.[]
    What do you think? Am I paying way over the odds? Or is this old house just swallowing up the electricity?!!
    We have a ‘wet’ central heating system.
    Any advice welcomed


    Aileen Hill


    Hello Mark…. Have just found your site after trawling around the net for many hours ….. Encyclopaedic – just what I want!

    We are moving to an all electric property soon – has ancient storage heaters in living rooms, odds and ends in bedrooms, towel rail heaters in bathrooms.

    Can you tell me what your bill/usage is based upon? Are you using storage heaters or newer panel heaters (which we are looking at). Do you have an opinion on the most economical brand of heater… eg Rointe and so on,

    Many thanks

    Alex Millar

    Due to renew E10 contract 15th Aug. in Arran and must reduce cost – moved 1yr ago direct debit £385/month!! Any ideas/suggestions would be great.

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