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    I have been using E10 meter for the past 4 years. I was initially with Hydro electric as it was them that had the meter installed, I phoned around and had no luck till about a year later when I found E.on who had been a lot cheaper than hydro for the prices.

    I have phoned various other companies and most said they did not offer that except for existing customers who they would continue to supply. I had phoned SSE they also said they did not do it but this gives me a little bit of hope as I currently go through 190 a month to cover between winter and summer, I am in a cold house, in the Highland region and I know we have to pay more for electricity than other areas of the UK.

    Will phone around with numbers to the ready and see if I can get on a cheaper rate elsewhere as am fed up paying out so much monthly, my usage is going down but bills still increasing. Thanks for taking the time to do this site, it’s nice to know others understand the hassle of this meter.

Viewing 26 post (of 26 total)
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