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    I am shopping around as i live in north west Scotland and currently pay EDF £310 per month for our E10 and i have just checked and our rates have gone up dramatically. Looking around and taking into account my area i will be calling Our Power tomorrow and hope they can supply us. It has been a nightmare finding anything about E10. Thanks your site has been a great find!


    It was back in September but at that time the best deal I found was with So Energy. I already had an Economy 10 meter installed, am all electric, and pay a set amount monthly direct debit. They are a new company based in London, but have good reviews. Maybe online only I think. So far very happy with ease of changeover from SSE, and no problems. One of the reasons they are cheaper is that once you agree a DD monthly amount, they charge you in advance rather than a month behind like most energy companies. They also have a deal where you can pay more in winter/less in summer. There were a couple of companies cheaper in Scotland, but I had difficulty getting through to them by phone with queries, so left well alone.


    Hi! Excellent site by the way.
    I’m with SSE on Economy 10 tariff and my 1 year fixed deal expires 14/11/17. Finally been offered their new V13 tariff fixed 1 year []. My usage is massive ( 26618 kwhr ( 15398 / 11220 ). It’s pretty useless trying to get quotes but I think I’ll try ISupply, Together Energy & maybe OVO. Any other suggestions.
    Paul M


    Hi Paul, Welcome to the site:-) Those would be the three suppliers I would try, I did a quote for your usage in the central Scotland region and together energy was cheapest followed by OVO then isupply out of all the suppliers that accept e10 customers it should be similar in terms of ranking regardless of which region you are in, you can get a quote for your region on their websites just select e7 as your meter type and you would find the cheapest this way as these three suppliers use e7 rates for e10 customers and then call the one which is cheapest(saves you having to queue and give your details to all three pre signup;)) Let us know how you get on and good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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