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    Wouldn’t be sure either why they woudn’t. They made it clear that they wouldn’t offer any technical support for my meter, or offer a replacement if needed in future. Apart from that though, they seemed quite content to put me onto their E7 tariff. I had recently had a new meter installed when I was with SSE, and I was happy to accept the lack of meter support in return for the savings on offer.


    Hi Jonlea

    isupply unfortunately do not support 2 rate meters in the Scottish hydro region (region 17) this explains why it is blank on the graph [in the blog post], I’m not sure why not though


    Hi Mark, many thanks for that. Is there any way to compare prices by region? I would like to see what are the prices in East Anglia.
    Many thanks


    Hi, Mark,
    Thanks for taking the time to produce this brilliant review. In the absence of any comparison sites to help find better deals, this is the best thing I’ve seen to keep me abreast of current pricing from the various suppliers. Noticed your iSupply info is blank. I’ve supplied the details of my current fixed deal with them via your weblink, (and feeling fairly smug about it). Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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