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    As far as we know, Scottish Power does not support Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    I am with Scottish Power who describe my metering as ComfortPlus White Meter and in another breath as E10. I have three rates Day, Night and Heat/Control.



    Have just read through the comments. I have had a lot of problems with Scottish Power,going to the ombudsman too. At present they have put me on Help Beat Cancer [] fixed till 31 May 2017. This resolution of the problem has taken a year; I am not really happy with the outcome. Will wait for compensation before moving to another supplier and hopefully cheaper rates.


    Commented yesterday re the hassle with Scottish Power over the last year. I get cheaper electricity from 3 am to 7 am and 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm which Scottish Power use E7 to calculate ( I think they do this but not entirely sure what SP do). Today I have received an email to pay them urgently although on 25 June they wrote re my bill, saying I owed nothing, deleting charges for six months and offering me compensation which I would receive within 10 working days. Hasn’t arrived yet. Not really surprised. Last time I spoke to a representative I was living in Scotland! I don’t live anywhere near. Watch this space. I shall probably have to contact the CAB again.


    [] Scottish Power have recently told me they will supply economy 7 tariff on an economy 10 meter and I plan to attempt to switch to them. If successful this is the cheapest provider for my usage, they also provide the warm home discount and I have been with them for the past two years.
    Co-operative Energy told me it may be possible to supply e7 on an e10 meter as above, and to check back once meter is installed to confirm. They also provide warm home discount.


    I have just tried this with Scottish Power and was refused when I selected E7 tariff on-line.
    Interesting that Scottish Power have told you that they will let E10 users select their E7 tariff


    They confirmed it again on the phone yesterday, and told me after checking with their ‘floor support’ that although they do not install economy 10 meters they are able to provide the economy 7 tariff if the e10 meter is already installed. Perhaps calling them on the phone is the best bet, and stressing that the meter is already in place. Previously when I called to ask if they supply economy 10, it was an outright ‘no’ as they assumed I meant the specific tariff and meter installation. They’ve confirmed it for definite twice when I’ve specifically asked for economy 7 supplied to an existing e10 meter.

    Still waiting for my supply to switch to EDF to get the meter installed. If I am successful switching back to Scottish Power I will post an update.


    Sorry to be a damp squib…. I just rang Scottish Power. Emphatically do NOT supply Econony 10 – exclusively E17. Boo hoo.. I was quite excited for a few minutes!


    Oops.. E7 not an ancient boy band!



    My apologies if I jumped the gun a little in promoting Scottish Power before it was completely verified. In hindsight, perhaps it would have been better to wait until a switch was actually successful rather than reporting what was said verbally.

    However, I have now spoken to them three times over the last few days and each time they have confirmed they will be able to supply economy 7 to an economy 10 meter. They have also made notes on my account confirming this. As a word of caution, I did speak to someone from ‘sales’ today who also denied that they were able to supply me (and seemed ignorant of what economy 10 was, insisting it involved ‘three rates’) – however I have since spoken to customer services who again confirmed that it was possible. They asked me to call back when I have the new meter to provide the number and take it from there – and also verified that the notes were present on my account confirming that they have promised to supply me. There seems to sometimes be some confusion at their company over the difference between supplying a distinct economy 10 tariff and economy 7 tariff to an economy 10 meter and I believe it is necessary to be clear with them (customer services rather than sales) that it is the latter that is required. Previously when a sales assistant has talked about ‘not supporting economy 10’ it appears to be the former that is meant.

    I would also add that although their rates appear to be by far the cheapest, my experience of customer service at this company over the past 3 years has been mixed. As evidenced by the above, it has often been the case that the quality and accuracy of the service received appears to depend on the person you talk to (and their level of training). I would note that the overall level of service, in addition to the price and online services, have been enough to keep me with this company so far.

    I will continue to attempt the transfer. Perhaps it will be best for others to wait until I report back with the progress of this and whether it has been successful. I believe the other tariffs I have posted on here are all correct (for example iSupply and others) and will all support an economy 10 meter. (If you do attempt to contact Scottish Power again I would suggest making sure to be connected to ‘customer services’ rather than ‘sales’, however I will crack on with this myself in the meantime and report back on my findings). Apologies for the confusion so far – and good luck with your search!


    **UPDATE on Scottish Power – Yesterday I attempted to switch my upstairs neighbour (who already has an e10 meter and is also sold on the idea of getting a better deal!) onto Scottish Power. I spoke to customer services who stayed on the line and explained to the sales team what had been agreed before putting me through. No apparent problems so far – they have now registered her as a new customer and put the switch in place. It will take up to three weeks to transfer fully, so I will take a ‘believe it when I see it’ approach and report back with the result. I’ll also let you know how my own switch goes once I am able to.

    Please note the tariff has now changed however – this may affect whether you still want to go ahead. If you use a significant amount of off-peak energy it may still work out cheaper but best to make your own calculations as a result of this new info.

    [] Watch this space!


    I was really (re) inspired by Scottish Power discussion here last week. Telephoned. …. Was categorically told no way too complicated. Only supply E7. That said, had obsolete Eon metre with 2 x Mpan numbers replaced on 10 Oct… Can take up to 90 days to register I’m national database. Good luck. Wait to read your outcome!


    Did I see “Scottish Power Online Fixed Price November 2017 (Economy 7 tariff)” with a Daily Standing Charge of [] EIGHT pence???

    If so I will be looking at changing to that tariff….

    Can anyone confirm that tariff at 08/11/2016 or reveal a mistake please?


    Looking at Energylynx it seems if Online Fixed Saver November 2017 v2 is only one available – looks like they fixed the issue rates are now []. You might have missed the boat.


    Thanks Andrew..very interesting.

    So…. when you classify as e7 do you mean they supply 7 hrs per day OR that they apply their e7 rate to e10 so will indeed supply 10 hrs daily?

    We are stuck with Eon for now until our recently replaced (by Eon) old e10 metres (which meant we had 2mpan numbers ) appears on the national darabase with its new solitary number. Can take up to 3 months. One down, two to go.

    Thanks for your help


    **Update on Scottish Power

    As previously mentioned I have recently been helping my upstairs neighbour with bills and have attempted to switch her (economy 10) supply from SSE to Scottish Power.

    I can confirm that the switch has been successful and they have started supplying from 8th Nov – today I gave the start meter reading. And to clarify – this is an economy 7 tariff supplied to an economy 10 meter.

    I will return again when my own switch is complete – Still waiting for my new economy 10 meter to be installed by EDF (before covertly switching to a cheaper tariff!)

    Based on my own experience recently I’d say it’s definitely worth shopping round and not taking ‘no’ as the first answer. It was customer services rather than the sales team who eventually sorted this out and confirmed that they are willing to supply their tariff to an economy 10 meter. Turns out there are many options on the market – iSupply and Scottish Power seem to be the best currently available. []


    Hi Angie – to clarify I mean economy 10 in every respect (10 hours off-peak, at economy 10 times) except that the actual tariff name and type is ‘economy 7’, but supplied to an e10 meter

    As the ‘economy 10’ charging periods are built into the meter itself this produces two rates – peak and and off-peak. Therefore if a company is willing to supply a conventional ‘economy 7’ tariff to your property in the knowledge that the meter type is ‘economy 10’ this will produce the same effect – peak(day) and off-peak(night) except you will get 10 hours off-peak energy instead of 7 on the same (economy 7) tariff.

    Phew, that’s quite a mouthful. Does that make sense?

    As my post above mentions, my upstairs neighbour has now successfully switched to Scottish Power herself, thought you might like to know in case it works out a good deal for you. The tariff rates are currently – I would imagine it’s best to make your own calculation on your own usage to work out which company will be best for your needs. iSupply and Scottish Power seem to be the cheapest around at the moment.

    Good luck with your meter change. I know these things can be a bit of a pain – but should definitely be worth it when you’re able to switch to a cheaper supplier. I’m still waiting for my supply to ‘go live’ with EDF (although I’ve already switched) – after that point I can book an appointment to change the meter over then covertly switch back to Scottish Power (I know…)

    All the best!


    [] Have confirmed it on the phone with them today (10/11/16). And as my post above mentions it is definitely possible to switch to this tariff (just be sure to clarify that it’s an e10 meter already fitted that you would like supplied with an e7 tariff – and if any issue speak to customer services rather than sales – they have confirmed this for me on a number of occasions now)



    Wow Andy! Thank you….. All points covered 🙂

    So, until our new solitary mpan number appears on the London/south east and east of England database ( we can do nothing about applying to another supplier… 90 days from 10th October (date meter changed hence no longer 2 x mpan numbers). So I’ll probably write here again mid January.

    By the way, Scottish and Southern “Exotic Meter” person is Heather… A colleague in cutomer services peromised she was the one (there only on other) who would call me back within 48 hours max. Didn’t. My guess is it’s all downto the mpan number(S).

    Again, many thanks for your sleuthing Andy.


    Thank you.

    Has anyone else had luck with Scottish Power? I sent them a Facebook message after reading this page, the reply said – yes we can do E7 on an E10 meter no problem, just call us.

    So I called them and was told no, not possible. They also said on the phone that on the national database I’m registered as having an E7 meter (it’s definitely E10), and that SSE is the only supplier for E10 in my area (not true, EDF have already said they’ll supply me too). So I’ve gone back to their Facebook page and awaiting them getting back to me.


    Have just phoned Scottish Power, who say they definitely can’t do E10 (the guy has worked there for 4 years, he told me), only E7.
    I think iSupplyEnergy is going to be the best for me, for a second year running (2 bed flat, single person, use washing machine/dishwasher at E10 times, use heating in one reception room only 4 days a week max).
    Has anyone any better ideas or tips, before I hit the switch button?!
    Many thanks,


    Spoke to Scottish Power 2 days ago who said YES to E10 but the cheap rate 8.22/day had been discontinued; personally I don’t think that that that company is controlling the sales force and decisions are random.
    I am going to go with iSupply v. soon as there are scare stories about ongoing price hikes… (or is it hypes?)…
    This is a good blog! perhaps we should see how many of us there are and go for a class action!?


    Just off the phone to Scottish Power (Sales) and they tell me it is not possible to switch from SSE to them on an E7 tariff (I have an E10 meter installed). The guy spoke to his manager and was told that I would need to have an E10 meter supplied by Scottish Power as the current meter was installed by SSE. I insisted that it was just an E10 meter with two readings normal and off peak but the guy was adamant. Wonder if it was my location, I’m in Cumbria. Very confusing but I’ll speak with Customer Services tomorrow and see what they say!!


    The information I have provided elsewhere on this site is correct.
    Scottish Power are able to supply E7 to an already-existing E10 meter and have done so successfully to my upstairs neighbour (who I helped switch). They are now fully switched and supplied by Scottish Power – Economy 7 tariff supplied to an Economy 10 meter.

    To do this I spoke to the ‘customer services’ team who stayed on the line with me while I was connected to the ‘sales team’ (who had previously argued point blank with me that it was not possible)

    I have been with Scottish Power (on Economy 7) for over two years. I would recommend them based mainly on price and online services. Phone service can be hit-or-miss but occasionally excellent. You are able to manage your account online (what more could you want?). I have called customer services to manage my account many times. For my needs they are the cheapest economy 10 (economy 7) supplier.

    I will be switching back to them myself after my new economy 10 meter is installed by EDF this Friday. This decision is based on past experience and value for money (and as-ok-as-everyone-else-albeit-not-perhaps-the-best environmental credentials, but until I’m a millionaire hippy I’ll live with that).

    So my recommendation is Scottish Power. I am happy to advise on how to get pas the first hurdle if it helps. I’ll live with their flaws: in actual fact I now find them quite endearing, much like the I would the ‘perfect’ partner (if I had one). After I’ve been with them for a couple of months and therefore have some accurate information to go by, I will do a comparison against iSupply for my usage, see which one is ‘better’, and switch accordingly.

    Best wishes for your decision (I believe the 8.22 standing charge is still available, but will report back when I contact them in a week’s time). I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when this is over! Just kiddding, I love it really.



    @’es1984′: as I have posted in other places: I have helped my neighbour switch and she is now supplied economy 7 to her economy 10 meter by Scottish Power.

    I humbly suggest:

    -Calling them on the phone (03452 700700)
    -Connecting to ‘customer services’ (n

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