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    I would be very interested to hear from the person with ‘Floyd pseudonym that the 8.22p daily hit is still available as I was told unequivocally that it was not and this influenced my decision to stay with iSupply: I will certainly whinge royally if I have been misled.
    Re. iSupply: no issues at all this past year and have found them responsive and professional. I have now jumped on a long-term bandwagon which is better than the Scottish Power deal that I was told was available…
    We are now back onto storage rads (very cold recently) and are pleased of the 4 hour boost in the afternoon which gives a comfortable evening and tolerable temperatures at next morning’s breakfast without (as yet) having to use the 5-hours overnight….


    Typo; it’s a 3 hour “boost”…


    Hello All,
    I’ve just come off the phone – yet again! – to Scottish Power re. E10. The guy at Customer Services told me he’d received several calls from people who had read on a blog that S Power can provide E7 rate to an already installed E10 meter. Hey, we’re on the map! He said that S Power can only provide E10 to E10 meters installed by S Power. He said I’d have to ask the supplier (SSE) who installed my E10 meter to change it back to E7! I’m not sure how that would actually get me any closer to getting E10 with S Power …
    So guess it might have to be iSupply Energy for a second term.
    Thanks to All for comments since 16 Nov. I’m posting this 30 Nov (I note the dates don’t always tally).


    That would be me then…

    My comment was perhaps a little more effervescent than usual as I had unfortunately consumed more than a little ‘social tipple’ on the night in question.
    My upstairs neighbour is on the 8.22p standing charge as it was still available at the point I helped her switch. It depends on certain criteria such as choosing online bills and monthly direct debit.
    If it is no-longer available now unfortunately that is in Scottish Power’s hands: however I do believe there will be other good deals available as the standing charge is not always by any means the most significant chunk of a monthly bill. I last checked a few weeks ago and it was still quoted to me as an option.

    I’m scheduled to have an economy 10 meter installed on Friday. A few days after that I will attempt the switch again myself on the phone – and will be sure to let you know if it is still available – and the best current rates if not. I agree SP’s customer service can be mixed but on the whole, for purely financial reasons, I have been with them for a couple of years. I must admit Ovo is calling out to me though…


    This is proving really interesting! As I originally posted that Scottish Power will provide economy 7 to an economy 10 meter I feel a certain amount of responsibility to back-up my comments as they were not based on unreliable information but a fair amount of groundwork and personal experience for my own circumstances.

    To reassure everyone in a similar position, the information previously stated is definitely correct, including the unit and standing charges. I have the physical proof in front of me in terms of my upstairs neighbours’ welcome pack from Scottish Power (including confirmation of the selected ‘economy 7’ tariff supplied to her already-existing economy 10 meter previously from SSE …I manage her bills). I also have verbal confirmation directly from Scottish Power, both relating to herself and my own switch, with notes written on my account confirming that they are definitely able to supply the tariff as promised. I have already provided meter readings for her account and again had it confirmed that the switch has gone through without a hitch and is fully complete.

    I also have experience of an unpleasant phone call a while ago with a member of the sales team, who was arrogant and provocative (“so basically you’re trying to cheat the system then?”), and who also flatly denied that what had previously been confirmed by others in the same company at least twice was possible or ethically sound. To clarify: anyone who is considering doing the same as myself will already know that this is not the case; and that the only system being cheated by this is an arguable environmentally unethical ‘big 6’ monopolising energy corporation (with respect to the individuals within).

    If you have read my previous posts you will know that through once again confirming with the ‘customer services’ team (and NOT the ‘sales’ team) before attempting to switch my neighbours’ supply resulted in a fully successful transfer to Scottish Power.

    So in the hope of assisting others with similar intentions, I will repost the steps I took previously. Please rest assured this is not intended to patronising or provocative, but is merely done with the intention of assisting others in the ‘economy 10’ basket.

    -Calling them on the phone (03452 700700)
    -Connecting to ”customer services” (not ”sales”) ask to be put through if it is unclear on the menu system
    -Asking ”are you able to supply economy 7 to an already-existing economy 10 meter?” and if they say ”no”, asking them to check with their ”floor support”
    -If they still say ”no” they are telling you something different to what they have already told (and physically provided for) me
    -If they say ”yes” (which I’m fairly sure they will as they have to me multiple times) they may offer to stay on the line and explain personally what is required to ”sales” (who sometimes get a little big-for-their-boots, bless them)
    -My next step (for my upstairs neighbour): the friendly and helpful ”sales” person switched me (her) then and there with no hassle. My upstairs neighbour now enjoys a successfully-switched economy 7 tariff supplied to her economy 10 meter and with any luck I will too in a week’s time

    If this doesn’t work for you (or, heaven forbid, me) I will be first to join some sort of group-action (perhaps some sort of ‘grass-roots’ campaigning group?) in the hope of working alongside the big and small companies (they should really be our friends , after all) and fostering greater understanding about economy 10, it’s various challenges, and ultimately solutions and great advantages for everyone concerned, including myself.



    I’m a stickler for grammer. But struggle with remaining succinct at times.



    And, apparently, spelling


    “you wore out your welcome with random precision”….

    I am relieved that the 8.22p deal is gone as I could hardly be bothered to whine at Scottish Power for not knowing their own product range…

    It was -5.3C last night (coldest since 2010 – certainly a “steel breeze”) but at least our elderly storage rads are able to warm up a glass of red to bring some additional comfort…

    ‘Am determined to keep the usage down and have found some plug-ins to switch the immersion via my phone. Fortunately all of our sockets switch to cheap when cheap is “on” so the cat’s electric blanket switches too…


    Lol! I think I’ll stick to Andrew from now on then…

    Glad you’re making the best of your available resources. It’s certainly a lot colder where you are than around here – keep warm…

    I await my own attempted switch eagerly and will post a brief report on how this goes. If the switch goes through I will post the latest available best tariff with SP ( with the changing month it’s highly possible there’s a new ‘December’ tariff available…

    If Scottish Power continues to be a viable option it will be interesting to see a direct comparison between SP and iSupply’s latest best rates. It’s very close and at first glance they are head-and-shoulders the ‘top 2’ of the Economy 10 tariffs available (in terms of money)

    It’s a fascinating subject made easier through this site. Great that we’re all ‘advancing’ the available knowledge. Can’t help feeling it would be good if we could pile the sum of that knowledge into a coherent form. More relevant information out there for the next generation of E10 converts would be hugely beneficial, especially when it comes to tariff comparisons…

    …shine on.


    Interesting. I am also in Cumbria and have been told multiple times by customer services that Scottish Power are able to offer economy 7 to an already-fitted economy 10 meter. My upstairs neighbour has successfully done this and is now with SP. See below for more discussion on switching to Scottish Power and tips on how we managed to achieve this. I will posting the latest best tariffs soon after I attempt my own switch next week.Will be interesting to see how you get on!


    That sounds really positive Andrew. Meanwhile, I’m stillwaiting for my Mpan no to feature as a single item on the National Register. I think it will take the full “possibly 90 days stated! The dual version was replaced on 10th October….. So by first week of Jan …I hope.

    Anyone else had experience of waiting for this phenomena to happen? regards, Angie


    Spoke with SP last week… I qupted yoyr success and was very insistent re the Floor Support Team… spoke to many via two separate numbers. ..the 0345 number you recommended and 0800. I was bounced to and fro to sales/Floor Support. Long story..first young woman in sales had heard of e7 being provided for e10 but that was the only glimmer of hope. The young peoplecwith ehom.I spoke were patient, but doing their job… The Glasgow via 0800 took it up eith a manager and really seemed to want to help. I accept defeat where they are concerned. Eon, current supplier, categorically deny they are withdrawing the e10 product. They offer no better rate for loyalty. It was very easy to discuss e10 with EDF. Tariff not particularly competitive. I then had my final conversation with Good Energy. Completing the quote firm “e7 or similar” triggers a dedicated number to appear. James in CS was on the ball . Tariff too high but almost worth it for 100% clean energy. Iexplained the existence of this group and objectives. I asked for, and was given, the MD’s name David Brook. I emailed him and suggested, as a smaller supplier they might well gain some business from those of us forming this captive e10 Club here …IF they vould offer a more competitive rate. I have yet to receive a reply.


    Thanks Mark for your excellent work! It’s a great resource to have this site available and much appreciated by many. I hope to have some information on Scottish Power’s latest tariff which I will send you soon – in the meantime I can confirm that my neighbour has an economy 10 meter and switched to them in November – I will send you more detailed information as soon as I can which may help with your research.


    Hi, is there any new on Scottish powers tariff, I know they used to support economy 10 but on e7 rates, so interested to see if they do an actual e10 tariff now? I’m hesitant to move to an e7 tariff with e10 meter with smart meters coming out, I can just imagine the issues.


    **Final update on Scottish Power** I have been recently informed by Scottish Power that they are categorically unable to supply energy to an Economy 10 meter.

    The information I provided recently was posted in good faith and based on 3 separate phone calls during which it was verbally confirmed that SP would supply a pre-existing economy 10 meter with their e7 tariff. (In addition my neighbour switched to them and is still happily being supplied to her economy 10 meter – how this works I’ve no idea!) However on the most recent call to them to confirm, disputes were raised and I was referred to their complaints team, who eventually told me that it was not possible – and credited me with £100 as an apology for providing inaccurate information. Apparently, as part of the complaint resolution, better training and information will be given to their sales and customer services team so a similar mistake is unlikely to happen again in future (they assure me).

    My apologies for this – however I hope it is apparent that I acted to the best of my knowledge, in good faith, and based on verbal confirmation from the company in question.

    It’s back the drawing board from me – and, much as we all like to save, I feel that I will plump for Ovo – my environmental conscience and desire for good customer service (after 2+ years of Scottish Power) has won out over my thrifty mindset and frugal nature! But it was a close call…


    Andrew, thanks for the update (and your other posts – very informative).

    It’s frustrating that suppliers still don’t seem able to give a simple yes/no answer to whether they support Economy 10. However, publishing these reports gives us a glimmer of visibility into who is playing nice and who’s not!

    Cheers, Mark


    I have posted a comment in the previous blog update about this issue – unfortunately last I heard was that they are unable to support E10 even on an E7 tariff. They had previously told me for definite that they could supply but later went back on this and refunded £100 for the inconvenience. I see recently someone has posted that they successfully switched to SP earlier this year – so it seems the company still haven’t got their act together and are perhaps giving mixed advice. My best suggestion if you are still unsure and want to clarify is to call the company directly and ask the question – however based on my own experiences I’ve happily moved on and am now very happy with Bulb energy personally (have posted below). Good luck!


    I am trying to leave Scottish Power. The customer service is rubbish. I live in the west but they had me living in a) Scotland b) Wales and then got the road right but the wrong house. I was charged £367 for one night’s electricity. I have spent hours trying to work out what I should actually owe them but it is impossible as they keep transposing the meter readings. I have an E10 meter and they charge me 26.05 per day standing charge. Beware – check and check again. When I complained to the ombudsman they just agreed that SP were billing me correctly.


    £367 for one night’s power? Are you running a cannabis farm (LoL)!? Seriously, though, it would be very interesting to know how Scottish Power can tell you with that degree of accuracy but not give you sufficient information to calculate the rest… Ovo also charge a high standing/daily rate (according to Marks’ tariff-table) so 26p is within limits if a lower Kwh charge balances the cost. High DAILY charge is best if you use LOTS of electricity IF it means the power costs less per unit: if you don’t use much electricity – small house/flat/not in much etc. a LOWER daily fixed rate would be desirable if it costs more per Kwh for actual usage.
    E10 allows you to NOT use electricity (by flicking the appropriate appliance’s switch or installing a timer) when it’s not needed. We don’t have our storage units on in the 2 hour evening slot because you might (if you need it) use direct heat: the early morning cheap period charges the radiators and you have an afternoon period to choose to use if you feel cold. We also don’t heat water from 8-10pm (9-11 summer) because it gets that too in the early morning. With E7 you can’t choose the afternoon and evening boost periods because they don’t exist! E10 is simply more flexible.
    £367 is 50% of our last-years total electricity use in a 3-bed semi…


    I have recently switched to Scottish power on a E7 tariff with an E10 meter, I dropped the E10 bomb multiple times during the call and the guy wasn’t phased even after checking the national database, my bills show my meter as E7 and have had no issues since joining them. I did notice they have posted a different number for those with non standard meters to call on their website 0800 634 5516 which is different to the standard sales number.


    Has anyone had any success getting Scottish Power to swap their E10 meter for a E10 smart meter? Thanks.


    I received a call from Providor (one of SP’s third party installers) on 17 October. They are now installing Economy 10 smart meters for SP. Only problem being that as the meter shows as Economy 7 on my records, that is what Providor has been asked to provide.

    I’ve been advised that it needs a manual order (no point booking online) and to contact Customer Services. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be an option at the moment as can’t get past the chat bot and phoning seems to be a waste of time going by other comments on the forums.

    Any suggestions? Has anyone been able to get their Economy 10 smart meter installed yet?

    PS. The other installers are Siemens and Lowri Beck. Providor must cover this area of north Scotland.

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