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    Their sister company Seventh energy provides E10 hours at E7 rates currently the cheapest in NW . Gives 3 cheap hours in afternoon and 2 in the evening as well as 5 in the night.under 8p/KWh.


    Hi Hasham

    Outfox the markets prices are variable and they have increased their prices twice without the last month and are moving customers away from the membership fee option and charging a daily standard charge instead. They are also moving to a winter weighting of payments where you pay 70% of your usage between October and March and 30% between April and September. There are rumours (in utility week and money saving expert), that these changes may be due to a cash flow problems at outfox.


    Hi David,
    That is the cheapest rate even with 18.99 per month. But is it fixed per unit rate or variable?

    Thank you


    I have just spent two days trying to get a new deal on my economy 10 meter and it has been horrendous.My present supplier Green Energy are increasing their prices from Oct 1st which makes a combined increase of over 20% since I joined in February and I am dropping them like a hot potato.Most of the energy companies have complete lack of understanding of economy10 and I needed to lie down in a dark room after talking to them.
    Out of the blue I came across Outfox the market and their standard price per k/w hr is 9.7664 pence,which is cheaper than many night rates .
    Instead of a daily standing charge there is a membership charge on a sliding scale depending on your annual usage.
    Where I live we do not have gas so am stuck with all electric.
    My annual use age is approx 13000 k/w hrs,which makes my membership fee £18.99.per month.
    Using these figures my annual cost is £1497.51 which is cheaper than anything I could find on the internet on. Economy 10.
    They have told me they will just add the two readings together.
    I have signed up and hope that all goes to plan,but should it do wrong I can always revert back to economy10.
    At least I won’t have to do the washing and vacuuming in the middle of the night.
    Hope this helps. Regards David

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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