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    OVO last year took out my EDF installed Economy 10 meter and installed a new smart meter (a Secure Liberty 100) and put me on an E7 tariff. I won’t go into the confusion as to why this happened but just to say “I know better now”. So, through the winter months we have been paying a lot for our one bedroom flat’s electricity, which is a wet centrally heated boiler and works on Economy 10 hours only.

    What I would like to know is, does anyone know if the Secure Liberty 100 meter I currently have would be able to work with a supplier offering an E10 tariff? Finding out this information seems very difficult, even from Secure themselves, who din’t reply. I only ask, before sourcing a company that would replace it entirely, as OVO has suggested that a future supplier may be able to utilise this one (obviously not using the ‘smart’ element of it though).

    Any help would be great. I could then go to a new supplier with any informed knowledge about this meter. Many Thanks.


    I’m not aware of any provider currently offering smart meters with e10


    I have an E10 smart meter. It was via our power who are defunct now. Having a wet electric heating system you absolutely should be on E10. Unsure as to why OVO replaces? Have a look on this site at the list of providers that off E10. Utilita, First Utility, OVO, E.ON and Bristol Energy All supply the meter you have. Worth a bash calling round them to see if they can help? Except OVO of course.


    When I called SSE today for a quote i was told they would put in an E10 smart meter, EDF on the other hand said they are trialling them before implementation


    Hi ChrisS,
    Interesting that SSE are saying they can fit an E10 meter now. Be interested to know if you get one! I finally got mine fitted (free) from SSE a year ago, but it was 85 minutes out, so have just had a new one fitted (now 7 minutes out!). The engineer who fitted it seemed to know what he was talking about.. said there probably would be an E10 Smart meter soon. He said to mention to the powers to be that I have “four port time of use” meter (whatever that means, as he thought this type would be out sooner, as they are similar to the E7 ones that apparently are now available.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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