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    You have a legacy product only offered by SSE, you would need a meter change, however there are limited suppliers willing to install a new e10 meter, EDF have stopped doing so, you could try phoning SSE the only provider I’m aware may still do so


    After a bit of bill shock (£1700 for the year) caused mainly by previous poor estimates and some price increases, I’m thinking of changing.

    First, SSE Flexiheat is a 3-rate product.
    From 0230-0730 and 1400-1600, the stored heat and hot water circuits (only) cost 9.22p per kWh.
    From 0730 to 1930 on weekdays, power costs 25.94p per kWh.
    All other times, power costs 13.19p per kWH.
    Standing charge is 14.09p per day.

    Prices above exclude VAT at 5%

    My usage is:
    12,226 kWh for stored heat (storage heaters and hot water);
    392 kWh for weekday daytime; and
    1047 kWh for other times.

    So, you can see that my heating is taking by far the biggest chunk of that.

    I’ve found it impossible to find suppliers’ actual costs for their tarrifs. Only SSE (my current provider) seems to actual publish a price list, and I don’t quite trust some of the mega-low quotes on this site.

    The afternoon boost for storage heaters and hot water is really good for me, so I don’t think I’d get on with Economy 7.

    I have a few questions..

    1) Am I being ripped off, or is Flexiheat a reasonable deal for my with my high stored heat usage?

    2) If I can find an E10 deal that has a comparable stored heat price, I would like to consider replacing the storage heaters with one of the following:
    a) cast iron radiators with electric elements, or a wet electric radiator system (same cast iron radiators).
    b) An air-to-water air source heat pump to feed cast iron radiators

    One of the motivating factors for Economy 10 is that my water cylinder is in my spare bedroom and disturbs the sleep of whoever is in there from 0230 to 0730. By using Economy 10, I’d be able to heat the tank in the afternoon and between 8 and 10pm (GMT) to avoid the noise.

    All thoughts welcome.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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