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    Symbio not allowed to take on new customers.thinking of switching to Yorkshire


    I’M still with these , their day rate is lower than some suppliers night rate.
    # prices #


    I am still with Symbio Energy for my E10. They are still the cheapest but nearly as cheap is Green.which is different to the other companies with very similar names. “Green.” is the name , it seems to have good scores on Trust pilot and uses an app.


    Symbio Energy

    This company is attracting a lot of attention for E10 customers as they are cheap and support. I was considering them and started the switch process. However, a few things got me thinking:

    There welcome email, contract and correspondence is written in poor English with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. This for me made me start checking them out a bit more. Their trading address appears to be rented offices. The director is listed against more then 90 companies, most of which are either dissolved or with the administrator. Struck me as being an amateur operation which is reflected in their website which for an energy company is incredibly basic.

    On reflection I got nervous of them and decided to cancel the switch and go to another company. They took 2 weeks to reply to my email and still setup a direct debit which I’ve luckily noticed and cancelled.


    Hi everyone on here hope all is good. I have some information on symbio energy. I asked if accept economy 10 meters they told me they did on economy 7 rates. They won’t offer new economy 10 meters only accept customers with meters fitted. They have three tariffs bit only about 10 pound difference between on average
    I’ll quote the fixed 12 tariff 13.450 peak 9.50 off peak 10 a day standing charge. Hope it helps someone. Thanks


    Thanks providing your feedback on Symbio Energy. I am just about to switch and was looking to go with either Symbio or Yorkshire Energy. It works out to be around £20 a year difference between the two just. I was swaying towards Yorkshire anyway from the information I could gather online, so I think I will give Symbio a miss!


    Further to my recent post, I can now report that the level of customer service with Symbio Energy is, in my personal experience, not up to standard. The Symbio Energy “customer portal”does not work and you are unable to record your accurate meter readings.I informed Symbio Energy customer services about this problem by email on two separate occasions and received no reply whatsoever. If Symbio Energy can not be bothered about responding to legitimate concerns of their customers then I am not prepared to continue to place my business with them.

    I have transferred my electricity account to Yorkshire Electricity on their “Green Weasel Tariff”- Fixed until 30th June 2020.Yorkshire Energy support E10 meters on their E7 tariff.

    Unlike Symbio Energy, Yorkshire Energy operate a functioning “customer portal” where accurate meter readings may be recorded.Yorkshire Energy also provide a monthly electricity bill in contrast to Symbio Energy who allegedly provide one every 3 months. I am not hanging about to see if they do or not.After my experience with the utterly appalling “Together Energy” I have had enough of poor or non-existent customer service so decided to walk away early when confronted with the same.

    My advice is to avoid Symbio Energy at this stage as they clearly have not got their act together.

    I hope this information may assist others.

    Good luck



    Dear All

    I have just transferred over to Symbio Energy which is competitively priced.
    I live in SW London.
    Tariff Name: Symbio 12m Fixed DD Monthly Plan Apr 19 #prices# No Exit fees.

    I was previously with TONIK Energy who were very good but Symbio is much cheaper. Early days and time will tell regarding standard of customer service.

    Reading the previous entry from “Mitch” I am amazed that “Together Energy” is still trading. They are a truly awful company and to be avoided at all costs.I did warn about “Together Energy” in a previous post.

    Fingers crossed that Symbio Energy works out. If not, I will be switching again !


    For NW currently cheapest on market

    Symbio Variable DD March 2019 v1 
    7 Heaven July 18 
    Tariff Type: Variable 
    Payment Method: Monthly Fixed Direct Debit 
    # prices #


    Symbio Energy is looking cheapest for Electric E7. Not listed in this forum?


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