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    Looking for a company which will supp[ort my Twin Peak A meter. At present can’t wait to leave my current supplier. So many problems for the last two years. Would like to hear from anyone who also has Twin Peak A meter.



    I wonder if anybody would be able to help me. I’ve just moved in to a flat that’s already set up with NPower on an E10 meter. I have rang OVO who quoted me a peak/off peak rate and a standing charge, whereas NPower have quote me several rates including peak/off peak/heating boost and two standing charges. However, when I speak to them about this they say that it’s the way the meters are set up and if i went with OVO they would probably only take control of the two meters but the others would stay with NPower. Could anybody help me with this matter? I’m a bit confused and OVO seemed to allude that they would take over the whole account but none of them seem to give me any direct answers.

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    I too tried Ovo, they initially quoted me but then when it came to it they couldn’t accommodate the two meters. I found it best to email companies with the two MPAN numbers to see if I could get a quote. GreenenergyUK came up trumps for me, both in terms of pricing and customer service. [] Hope this helps!



    I’m sorry for replying so late, I just wanted to say thank you for your help!

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    I hope you can help I’ve just been billed by the co-op energy after 10 months of hassle, I notice the comments say they no longer support economy 10. They have told me that I have 2 MPANS on one meter one for hot water and lighting day and night tariff, the other for heating .They say I have E7 tariff on an E10 meter and that I have to pay 2 daily standing charges, the standing charge on my second MPAN is more expensive than the cost of my night heating. Why then do I have to pay both standing charges as I have only one daily input supply but two outputs, can I question the two daily charges


    A consumer can ask for a change of meter (or a reprogramming) once-a-year free of charge; I Suggest that you contact the service provider to change the meter and then look for a supplier. We did just this and now use “iSupply”. The source of meter will not be the Co-op but will be the major provider where you live. EDF provide this service in the South West of England (for example).
    Timing for hot water (and other devices) on a separate meter is not necessary these days as cheap digital timers with battery backup allow you to set up many discrete on/off periods from a constantly “on” supply. You can use hot water on the main ring with a 7 day programmable timer like this one… [from Wilko]; in the event of a supply interruption the battery keeps the clock and timers alive also allows the use on a “night rate” supply without losing on/off timing.


    Thanks for your help, my problem is not that I have a second meter for heating, it is that I have a 3 read economy 10 meter with an E7 tariff. Co-op ask for 3 readings day, night and stored total. They tell me I have 2 MPANS on my one and only meter, so if I have only one input/ supply, why do I have to pay two daily standing charges. One MPAN is for lighting and hot water the other MPAN is for my storage heating. I did a little research and found it was an easy option for the supplier to use 2 MPAN numbers as it would prove costly for them to rewire the meter ? Not quite sure though


    I have 2 meters which enables an off peak afternoon boost.Does anyone know if any other Companies can cope with this (I’m currently with npower)


    Not quite sure what you mean “I have two meters” Don’t you mean one meter with two rates? I have two properties with new digital meters that provide 10 hrs off-peak (in 3 time slots within each 24 hrs) I’ve just shifted one property over to OVO Energy (based on rates given here) and the other is still with EON. I’ll see how things go in the next 6 months before I make any further moves . It seems that most companies now don’t differentiate between E10 and E7 IF YOU HAVE THE METER. The difficulty seems to be obtaining the E10 meter– see my earlier post on this!


    No,I have 2 meters.
    Total 4 readings,day rate,night rate,afternoon heat and nightime heat!!!


    E-On happily replaced the 2 x mpan 3 rates (tho 2 of course ) free of charge. Chap said ring back when new meter no registered (number changed on account) . But didn’t think any other rate than current 16.18 and 8.27. That contradicts earlier E On advice that cheaper rates would be available when meter changed…. what a saga !


    Sounds like you might be better off approaching a company to fit a standard economy 10 meter which will bill all your electricity, heating and water etc, at just 2 rates which could be cheaper and simpler (with 3 hours off-peak boost in the afternoon). EDF will install one free of charge if you call them directly and enquire about economy 10. It is free to exit the tariff so you could then change to a cheaper supplier using your new meter.


    This is a new comment
    We have 2 meters to get cheap electricity-as far as I understand 5 hours on a nighttime snd 2 hours afternoons which tops up the night store heaters
    We are on supertariff with npower which is expensive for normal electricity and we also pay 2 standing charges.We have not found any other Co who will take on a 2 meter system
    Does anyone know a Co who would reduce us to 1 meter and still provide the afternoon off peak boost?


    Try EDF re a meter change if you are in their jurisdiction: you might have to sign up with them on a variable tariff and then swap to a deal. E10 gives 5 hours overnight and 3 hours afternoon with 2 hours evening.



    |Any one was lucky to switch from SSE Superdeal meter (two MPAN, related) to different supplier?


    Yup. Existing supplier (Eon) supplied n fitted new “single” e10 meter. It seems that if you ask they have to chaynfe it because what you have is obsolete. There was no exit fee due to the exchanged meter on leaving them. We recently changed to Extra Energy.. a long and tortuous journey involving Co-op, Sse. Scottish – none succesful. Good luck. I recommend u go for Extra Energy.


    Good luck everyone. I just want a supplier of electricity who bills the correct amount simply worked out from my consumption from last bill date to this.

    An impossible ask if would seem. I am with Scottish Power but unwilling to get embroiled with yet another company who do not submit correct bills, transposing meter readings and insisting I go online so that they can extract from my bank account each month. I pay my bills (if correct).


    This reply for LP. Yes, I am in the Hamphire (old Southern Electric) area and I managed to switch to E10 with EDF from Superdeal with SSE in Nov-2015 (had to go through the EDF Complex metering section – who were quite efficient).

    The actual switch to (the superior E10 rate) took until Feb-2016 to complete properly i.e. old and new suppliers billing issues sorted (due in my view to obstruction by SSE).

    And I have not changed again even though EDF prices have gone up by 11% (as it is still cheaper than SSE Superdeal was in 2016).

    [Note:- But knowing what I know now, and if I had to do it again :- I would try to swap from Superdeal with SSE to E10 still staying with SSE, and when – and only when achieved – then try to switch to EDF E10].

    Hope this info is of use. (it/11apr17)


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for collating all this – interesting to see how my prices quoted compared.

    I just wanted to flag up a problem I had with switching – it turns out our property had two MPANs, the meter had been changed at some point by SSE (probably when it changed from E7 to E10), but they hadn’t updated the supplier database (I now know this is quite a common occurrence).

    So when I switched, the new supplier I was completely unaware of this and the supplier used the old MPAN number. I only realised this when I got a bill from SSE, my old supplier!

    For over two months I thought I had gone on a better E10 rate, but hadn’t and now have a nice huge bill from SSE – for the last two months they were supplying me at their standard E10 rate as I was out of my previous contract with them

    I am not happy that I had supposedly “switched” but hadn’t. Just a warning for others – check you MPAN!

    Website to check is here: [link removed, doesn’t work now]

    And it seems that getting the old MPAN removed from the database is difficult to do, so it is something you will need to check is correct every time you change supplier.

    I can however praise Green Energy who have now taken over the correct MPAN and are being very helpful in sorting out the mess which SSE have made!

    Sadly, I don’t think there is any chance of getting my bills backdated to the supposed “switch date” and prices I thought I would be paying.

    It really should not be this difficult!! (And I wonder how much extra the big suppliers are making out of people thinking they have “switched” when they haven’t due to multiple MPANs for the same property!).


    A very interesting website! I was going around in circles trying to get info on E10.
    My daughter has a flat in London which seemingly has a E10 meter – but the supplier is not sure…
    The property has 2 MPANs but a single meter. I only started to investigate the meter because the official readings showed a huge (1500kwh) used in a single day on rate 1 (for a flat with nothing more than a fridge turned on). Their next reading showed the meter going backwards for both rates. That aside the MPAN for rate one shows a Profile Class of 1 and the other MPAN class 2 (E7). The Network supplier has said they suggest cancelling one of the MPANs.
    However it occurs to me that the flat has 2 fuse boards so perhaps this is why there are 2 supplies coming from the one meter? At a guess it appears that the meter may not be a E10 meter – but the supplier EVO are not sure. They say the rate 2 is from 2100 – 0630 and 1230 – 1430 which obviously does not add up to 10 hours.
    All very confusing! If they change the meter to mend it I need to make sure the best meter is put in. Of course, currently I am paying 2 standing charges – I believe a true E10 or E7 meter needs only one MPAN (one supply) but with 2 distinct boards this may be an issue without a rewire?

    I would welcome any input.



    Up until a month ago I had 2 MPANs on an Historical white meter tariff with nearly 12 hours off peak including 3hrs in the afternoon. I had a E10 meter installed and now have one MPAN , the 2 distinct boards remain with the E10 meter with the off-peak supply being switched on/off by the meter 3 times a day.


    I wonder if you could help.
    I currently have a 3 Rate Comfort Plus – E7 supply by Scottish Power.
    Up until recently I had resigned myself to not being able to switch away from them as apparently no-one else locally supplied as I am on a 2 x MPAN connection.
    However I am increasingly frustrated at Scottish Power and need to seek a better deal on my bills.

    Does anyone know of any suppliers offering E7 to a 2xMPAN connection in central Scotland?


    Try Together Energy, by far the cheapest and I found them very helpful and friendly


    I was going to suggest together energy as well but Dave beat me to it lol Just from when I’ve called around previously I know octopus energy and green star energy will take on a dual mpan meter,weather they take on 3 rates I’m not sure tbh. You could also try sse they seem to take on complicated meters from the array of tariffs they offer on their website.


    Also EDF are worth a call, again they are quite good with complex meters, also try Scottish Gas, unfortunately it is a calling around exercise, at least you don’t need to call the most clueless provider as your already with them! Good luck

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