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    As far as we know, Utility Warehouse still supports Economy 10. Please post specific questions or updates below. [- May’21]


    Just to say that Utility Warehouse do support economy 10 – I know as I am currently with them. Rung Scottish Power and they said they did not – why are the power companies so useless? Can’t we nationalise them?


    received from Utility Warehouse 22/3/18:
    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes, correct. We don’t install Economy 10 meters, but if you come over to us with one, you can still benefit from the 10 hours lower rate they offer, but under an Economy 7 rate.

    The same happens with the more complex, 3 reading ones.

    I hope it helps, but let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks again and have a nice day,

    Cherie Churchill

    I have a Comfort Plus White Meter (3 readings and 2 Mpan’s). I have very high usage as I’m home most of the time but my day usage is only about 20% of total usage.

    Utility Warehouse or UW has a Value Tariff which is very good if most of your energy is not on the day rate and if they manage to ride the current gas price storm. –
    Prices including VAT from 1st Oct
    Standing Charge (per day) 23.72 p
    Day Unit Rate (per kWh) 27.602 p
    Night Unit Rate (per kWh) 7.56 p

    Having said that I’ve been in a nightmare with them since I switched. Problems so far have been transposed day and night readings (complaint raised, previous supplier People’s Energy now collapsed. closed accounts not being transferred to British Gas so possibly no-one able to confirm readings), 2 x standing charges instead of 1 (now resolved), storage heaters charged at 2.5 times the price quoted (now resolved). I’m told they don’t support economy 10 whereas this site says they do.

    I’ve also been trying to discover their off peak hours. This was the time pattern regime I was given –
    Weekdays 0000-0700, 1300-1600, 2000-2400
    Saturdays 1300-2400
    Sundays 0000-2400
    I would love to have off peak charges for most of the weekend but it isn’t happening in this house. I queried this with them and was told that there must be a problem with my meter and I would need to have it replaced but would then lose my economy 10 (which they are not supporting anyway). I always understood that the energy supplier controlled the meter so this has left me very confused and with a huge dilemma because I have no way of being able to calculate if this would be beneficial to me.

    I am now hoping and praying that the meter readings can be corrected and that UW survive this current storm. The worst scenario is if they collapse and I end up back with the nightmare that is Scottish Power who I managed to escape from early in 2019.


    Prices on UW variable value tariff since 1/4/22:
    SC: 36.237
    D: 34.34
    N: 17.648

    Cherie Churchill

    Are these prices including VAT? My prices on the value tariff from 1st Apr are different to these.

    SC excluding VAT 45.69, including VAT 47.972
    N: excluding VAT 17.283, including VAT 18.147
    D: excluding VAT 30.628, including VAT 32.159


    Cherie Churchill

    Forgot to mention that above prices are for electricity only.


    I’m confused too – Do their tariffs vary by area ?

    I’ve been with UW for about a year but only for electricity. The prices they gave me were for the value variable tariff, paying monthly by DD, and include VAT

    Cherie Churchill

    Hi, I know the standing charge varies by region but not sure about the rest. I’m in SW Scotland which is one of the highest areas in the country for the SC because of the distance it has to travel. I take great exception to that because my horizon is filled with hundreds of wind turbines.

    I’ve been with UW since July ’21 and only for electricity like you because they had such a great economy rate for my storage heaters. I also pay monthly by DD.


    How frustrating to be able to see the means of generation but have to pay extra for the electricy to be brought to you !
    I’m in Essex and joined UW in May’21
    Prior to 1/4/22 my charges were:
    SC 22.87
    D 27.804
    N 7.56

    Cherie Churchill

    Hmmm interesting. Prior to 1st Apr my rates inc VAt were –

    SC 23.72
    D 27.60
    N 7.56


    So my night rate has gone up by less than yours but my day rate by more and the increase in your SC is much greater than mine
    V odd

    Jackie Walter

    Sorry new here…. sorry! cant see where to post Q to UW
    Im trying to stay with UW and have moved to a new property with an Economy 10 meter. Electricity is the problem!
    Can UW please sort it out
    We have night/day readings mixed up,reading 2 as a separate meter for which we are charged an additional standing charge???
    Scared we will end up owing money due to readings wrong way round and at wrong rates HELP
    Need this sorted before husband dies…just given months to live after Terminal cancer diagnosis.

    Cherie Churchill

    Hi Jackie Walter, so sorry to hear about your hubby. The last thing you need right now is a battle with an energy company. I would start by filling out the form on here https://uw.co.uk/help/contact-us Give them as much info as you can including the fact that your husband is dying. They are good as responding quickly but might not be great at sorting the problem quickly. You have 8 weeks and then you can go to the Energy Ombudsman if UW don’t sort things out. I found it helpful to contact UW in writing for everything, I then had all the evidence when I needed to go to the Ombudsman. Also take photos of your meter and readings at 4 hourly intervals to prove which reading is which and to show them that everything is on one meter. Good luck. Cherie

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