Which Suppliers Install Econ 10 Meters Today?

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    Looking at changing over to Economy 10 tariff and therefore require my standard meter to be changed. It seems more suppliers are no longer installing them, can anyone tell me exactly which suppliers are still able to install them please?
    Spoke to Economyseven.co.uk who tell me they are far too small to be doing any kind of meter installations let alone Econ 10 ones and told me to speak to my current supplier Ecotricity who also said they don’t do meter installations and that I would have to go to one of the big suppliers to get a new meter fitted? But seeing nothing online for SSE or EDF etc but what I am finding is that they are no longer fitting these types of meters. Only current user or owners with these meters fitted already can get the tariffs, is this true?

    What are my options?
    Located in the SO16 area, Southampton, Hampshire.


    Hello. I’m new here. I can tell you that E-on installed an economy 10 meter at our house in North Northamptonshire two years ago, to replace our economy 7 meter, since they couldn’t or didn’t want to support it anymore. Around a 50% bill increase since then has eventually brought me to this site. They initially suggested a smart meter as a replacement FOC, and I just asked what other options were available. I can’t remember whether I specifically asked for an economy 10 meter but that was FOC, anyway. Good luck.


    I’m only aware of SSE, EDF will no longer install a new e10 meter

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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