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    good to know I’ve been with them, Yorkshire, a few months now good cheap tariffs. I was with Symbio before which were fine with me , similar prices.


    If any of you have gas Robin Hood energy has a less than 2p/ KWh tariff currently


    Hi renewed my contract with Yorkshire Energy – believe me I looked VERY hard to try and find something better all the online comparison sites said I had the best rates.
    YE also consider an E10 meter as E7 so no problem changing over.

    Kind regards


    I am currently with Yorkshire Energy on their “Green Weasel-Fixed until 20th June 2020” tariff. #prices removed#

    They project my electricity usage at 3893.7 kwh per year – £521.73

    I can not fault Yorkshire Energy for customer service.Can operate my account online efficiently and they send a reminder each month for your meter reads to produce an accurate bill.

    As always, the problem will arise what happens to their prices when my current fix comes to an end on 30th June 2020.

    I would be very interested to hear from other forum users about any other companies out there offering competitive E10 rates ? In my past experience,many offer E10 at E7 rates which is fine. I just wonder for how much longer it will be possible to get a good deal on E110 ?


    Hi Jools

    Maybe you could send them a copy of a bill from your previous supplier as proof they have the readings the wrong way around?



    I’ve just switched to Yorkshire Energy. The rates I got were: Green Dragon Tariff, fixed until October 2020 #rates removed – please submit through: Other – Provide Your Quote#

    But am having the problem that the meter reads were transposed when we switched suppliers (AGAIN! – this happened to us last time) so we’re going through the nightmare of “space tests” to prove that they are incorrect and need to be switched around.

    I really wonder if anyone at these suppliers actually understands how E10 works – we were asked to take readings at 9am and 5pm to show “day rate movement” but obviously this would show changes to both rates so the test would prove inconclusive!


    Please could you add Yorkshire Energy. Prices are good, too. I’ve tried to add an entry in Eat Midlands


    Yorkshire Energy PC (Yorkshire Energy)
    Apr 3, 15:08 BST

    Good afternoon Nick,

    Thank you for getting in touch.
    You are speaking with Phil today.

    We can absolutely supply Economy 10 meters. Your ten hours of low rate times will remain the same as you are currently on.
    If you sign up via our website, we would require for you to select the ‘Economy 7’ meter type, as this would then include the low rate times attached to your meter.

    I hope this information finds you well.
    If you have any other queries about the meters we can supply to or our processes, please do not hesitate to contact us again

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