Heating Systems

Remember Economy 10 is a meter type .  It needs to be paired with an appropriate heating system to be effective.

75% of most peoples energy use is for heating and hot water.  So if you use electricity for this, you could save money by shifting a significant amount of your usage into the cheap off-peak times.

What type of heating system do you have?

  • Electric Boiler / Panel Radiators:  ~ MAYBE   
    • If your house is well insulated then Economy 10 is ideal – you would time the heating to come on during the off-peak periods, heating your home 3x times per day.  Having a room thermostat fitted can help make this easy and automated.
    • However if your home is poorly insulated then it can cool down substantially in-between the off-peak periods (when the heating is off), in which case it may not be effective.
  • Storage Heaters:  ~ MAYBE   This can work with Economy 10, but it depends on the specific wiring in your home.  You need a timeclock to ‘charge up’ the storage heaters in the cheap off-peak times.  Note that some storage heaters are switched remotely by the electricity network – these setups generally aren’t compatible with Economy 10, although an electrician may be able to alter the wiring to allow it to work.
  • Gas central heating:  UNLIKELY   Economy 10 is unlikely to be of benefit if you have gas heating.  This is because most of your energy (heating & hot water) is already supplied by cheap gas.  Your electricity use will only be for lighting and appliances, so it’s going to be relatively low.  If you’ve got a gas boiler you’re probably best choosing a standard electricity tariff and shopping around using a price comparison website.

Other considerations:

  • Heat pumps:  √ IDEAL   Economy 10 is ideal when combined with an air-source (ASHP) or ground-source heat pump (GSHP).  Running the heat pump in the off-peak period means the cost of heating could end up cheaper than gas.

4 thoughts on “Heating Systems

  1. We have a boarding house building with an incoming TP&N supply and it’s on an Economy 7 tariff
    We are looking to fully replace the heating within the building and are looking at Economy 10 as a good tariff. On Economy 10, do we need 2 sets of distribution boards, with the “heating” boards through time clock/contactors – or can we go with a single electrical distribution and time switch individual outgoing circuits from a distribution board serving both lighting and heating power circuits?

  2. We have ground source heat pump for the main house and air source for the annexe. We also have PV . We run the heating full time and rely on zone thermostats to control. We were advised that this would be the best way to operate to keep concrete floors at a more even heat for underfloor heating. We have an Immersun controller which directs generated electricity to the immersion heater on the water tank if it would otherwise be exported, until the water is up to temperature.

    • Mike the running costs of the heat pump would be less if you time-shifted it to run on Economy 10 off-peak and stored the heat so it could be used on demand during on-peak – have a look at the Sunamp solutions.

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