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This is full list of suppliers who are contacted as part of the survey – click the name to open their website.

Fully support Economy10:

These suppliers will install a new E10 meter for you.  They’ll also fix a faulty E10 meter, and generally provide a better understanding of the whole process.

Partially support Economy 10:

These suppliers won’t fit a new E10 meter if you don’t already have one, and may not be able to fit a like-for-like replacement if your E10 meter develops a fault.  They usually apply their E7 prices to your E10 meter – that’s ok because both types of meter are Two-Rate meters.  Quality of E10 information can be variable with some of these suppliers (and may depend on who you happen to get on the phone on the day!)  Their specific policies on E10 support vary, so check before signing up.

Do not support Economy10:

Affect Energy
Avro Energy
Better Energy  – Gas only
Brighter Energy
Budget Energy  – Northern Ireland only
Co-Op Energy
Daligas  – Gas only
Ebico / EquiPower  {Robin Hood Energy reseller}
Extra Energy
Firmus Energy
Flow Energy  {Energetix Groupit}
GB Energy  – Ceased trading Nov’16, accounts transferred to Co-Op Energy
LoCO2 Energy – Now part of Solarplicity
nPower  {RWE}
Octopus Energy
Power NI  – Northern Ireland only
Powershop {nPower}
Robin Hood Energy
Sainsbury’s Energy  {British Gas reseller}
Utilita Energy  – Pay as you go energy
Utility Warehouse
Woodland Trust Energy  {Ovo reseller}  – Taken over by Ovo Oct’15
Zog Energy  – Gas only