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Economy 10 meters are classed as “complex meters”, and information generally isn’t advertised on energy company websites, or included on switching sites – it’s hard to tell if you’re getting the best deal or not.

Getting a quote

Bear in mind that these are ‘complex’ meters, so some companies will only quote by phone, while others will give you a quote online.  If you do phone, be sure to state up-front that you have an Economy 10 meter so the call centre can put you through to the relevant team.  It can be a bit hit-and-miss depending on who you speak to;  many of the E10 customers phone back a second time to double-check details before committing.


Only some suppliers fully support Economy 10 meters, and some offer partial support:

  • Full support:  they have a specific Economy 10 tariff.  This is the ideal situation and usually means the supplier knows what they’re talking about.  Also, they should be able to fix your E10 meter if it goes faulty.  Some will install a new E10 meter if you don’t already have one.
  • Partial support: generally they offer you an Economy 7 tariff for use with your E10 meter.  In this case the supplier doesn’t ‘fully’ support E10, but they can supply your electricity.  They apply their E7 prices to the peak & off-peak readings from you E10 meter.  However if there’s a problem with your E10 meter they may not be able to fix it, and may have to swap it out for a standard meter.  Each supplier has its own policy so it’s worth checking, and get it in writing if possible.

Different Regions = Different Prices

Be aware that the price you’re quoted for electricity depends on the supplier, and the Region of the UK you’re in.

Don’t worry, the supplier will find the Region from your postcode when you get a quote.

However if you’d like to know, your Region is the first two digits of your MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number), highlighted in red below: